Satine Spark joins the Sexy Cleaning Company

Posted by Fiona on March 3rd, 2015 filed in Latest Films
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Satine Spark at the sexy cleaning companyAt long last Satine Spark has joined the Sexy Cleaning Company.  This sassy young Lady has been making spanking films with us for the last five years so it is almost unbelievable that she did not join the ranks of sexy young ladies who have shown us their impressive skills with the feather duster!  Still, better late then never, this week she joins the ranks and has an interview with Mr Stern.

Satine arrives looking absolutely stunning in her sexy French maids outfit.  This really is the perfect uniform.  Mr Stern asks her to show him her cleaning skills and he films lots of upskirt and down shirt action with his little handy held cam.   Now, Satine quite likes the idea of cleaning but she is not so keen on the idea of being spanked.  Mr Stern explains that in order to join the company she needs to show him that she can take a good spanking and suggests that she goes over his knee.

A reluctant Satine does as she is asked and apprehensively goes over the knee.  Her wonderful little uniform offers her pert bottom very little protection from his hard and horny hand.  Mr Stern is known to be a hard spanker and Satine soon feels just how stingy a spanking can be.

It does not take long for her pale skinned bottom to go a most wonderful shade of red.  Satine takes a good hand spanking which leaves her sore but will she pass her sexy cleaning interview?  Take a look at this and hundreds of other spanking films at English Spankers


The Cane for Zanda Lee

Posted by Fiona on February 24th, 2015 filed in Latest Films
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Hard caning Fans of hard caning films will absolutely love this weeks update at English Spankers.  Ladies into the scene who are used to getting a good caning very rarely mark.  You can cane them really hard and not have much to show for your efforts.  Zanda Lee is not one of these ladies, she very rarely does spanking shoots so when Sarah gave her the cane recently it really welted her lovely bottom. 

We have already seen Zanda getting the riding crop from an irate Sarah which left her pretty marked, red and sore but this week she has a much harsher lesson to learn.  Sarah feels that an application of the cane is required to ensure that Zanda keeps her hands to herself in future. 

Zanda tries to reason with Sarah and explains that she feels that the punishment she has already received has made her mend her ways but it is to no avail.  When Sarah decides that the cane needs to be used she will not change her mind. 

This mature lady is made to remove her knickers and touch her toes.  This leaves her bottom tight and high in the air.  This makes sure that each and every stroke of the cane will cause maximum pain.

Poor Zanda is soon in absolute agony and the welts on her bottom show just how harsh this punishment is.  A hard caning film which leaves her well marked and sore.  Tale a look at this and hundreds of other spanking films at English Spankers


A Painful Lesson for Bonnie May

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Bonnie paddled over tightsPoor Bonnie May has already felt the hard hand of Sarah Stern.  She has been over the knee and had her bare bottom spanked hard.  This was the first time she had ever experienced a punishment and she was rather hoping it was going to be the last.  Unfortunately for Bonnie, Sarah has other ideas.

Despite being reassured by Bonnie that her lesson has been learnt, Sarah feels that this naughty young lady would benefit from a harsher type of discipline.   Sarah decides that a dose of the spanking paddle is in order.  Poor Bonnie just does not know what to say!

Bonnie is asked to bend over with her bottom high in the air.  The spanking starts over her tights but soon progresses onto her already sore and red bum.  Sarah really lays it on hard with the paddle and Bonnie is soon jumping and wincing with each and every stroke.

Bonnie is given a harsh leathering which she will not forget in a hurry.  This beautiful girl soon has tears in her eyes.  Her punishment is prolonged and painful.  Take a look at this and many other spanking films at English Spankers.


The Riding Crop for Zanda Lee

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Riding crop for Zandia LeeA real treat for you this week at English Spankers.  In saying that, I do think you get a real treat each and every week!  Not many websites can claim to have so many full films for you to download at such a low membership price.  We don’t mess around with special offers or limit the amount you can download.  We just give you a brand new film each and every week to go with the 300 odd already on site.

Zanda lee is one of our mature models and she does lots of other rather naughty modelling as well.  In fact, this sexy lady knows just how to please a man which is why she is in rather a lot of hot water this week.  She has been entertaining Gentlemen for money and although they think she is worth every single penny, their long suffering Wives do not agree!  Sarah storms in just as things are getting steamy and she is far from impressed to find her Hubby in such a compromising position.

He is given an earful and sent on his way.  Sarah has some plans for his little floozie which she hopes will stop her from messing around with her Husband ever again.  She has brought along a nasty riding crop which she is going to put to good use on this ladies naughty bottom.

Zanda Lee is not very happy about this situation but she feels she doesn’t really have the option to refuse.  Sarah is furious and is threatening to call the police and report her for running a brothel!  Zanda decides that a spanking is probably preferable to arrest so bends over. 

Zanda Lee is forced to bend over and touch her toes.  As most will know, this pulls the bottom tight and makes any type of punishment all the more painful.  Sarah is not happy and makes sure that each and every stroke of the crop hits and hits hard.  Poor Zanda Lee really cannot believe what is happening to her. 

Zanda Lee is left with a bright red, sore and bruised bottom but is her ordeal over?  Watch this fantastic film at English Spankers. 


Bonnie May Spanked in Tights

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Please join me in welcoming Bonnie May to English Spankers.  Bonnie May is a lovely girl but she is not always as kind to her Boyfriend as she should be.  In fact, at times she is absolutely horrible!  The poor guy loves her very much and does not want their relationship to end but he truly cannot keep putting up with her selfish and wilful ways.

Bonnie May spanked in tightsHe is at his wits end and decides that perhaps a visit to Sarah Stern a well known and respected disciplinarian might improve her behaviour.  Bonnie is quick to admit to Sarah that she has done wrong and surprisingly she agrees to punishment virtually straight away.  Could this young girlfriend secretly crave discipline?

Bonnie May has never been spanked before but goes over the knee for a spanking.  Sarah warns her that it is going to hurt but nothing can prepare her for the feel of that very first slap! 

Unfortunately for Bonnie she is wearing tights.  Spankers will know that it is claimed that a spanking over a pair of tights hurts even more than one on the bare!   Poor Bonnie has nothing to compare this with, all she knows is that the spanking hurts.

The spanks are given rapidly and all the while she is being spanked she is being scolded as well.  You can soon see the redness glowing through the tights.    Sarah Stern then decides to remove them along with her knickers and the spanking then continues onto her bare bottom.

This is a prolonged and painful first ever spanking but will Bonnie May learn her lesson?  Take a look at this and many other fantastic films at English Spankers.


A Double Punishment for Ella Hughes

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Double paddling for Ella HughesSarah is beside herself.  She has mistakenly spanked the wrong Daughter and feels mortified.  Ashleigh has a reputation of bad behaviour so it an understandable mistake to make but that does not make her feel any better.  Not only had Ella blamed Ashleigh but she had actually helped administer the punishment.   But now the truth is out and the tables are going to turn.

Sarah apologises profusely to Ashleigh and really lets rip at young Ella.  The girl is close to tears at the scolding.  She knows she has done wrong and she knows that she is in terrible trouble.   Sarah decides that Ashleigh should help teach her Sister a lesson she will not forget in a hurry.

Ella is forced to apologise to her Sister and then made to kneel in the chair bottom bared to await her punishment.  Ashleigh is given a paddle and Sarah wields a strap.  This is going to be a prolonged and painful punishment and its going to hurt a lot.

The whacks are fast and furious with barely a break in between.  Ashleigh and Sarah want to make sure that Ella really suffers for her misdeeds.  The naughty girl is soon in tears and the spanking still continues.  Her bum is soon crimson and sore.  Take a look at the film at English Spankers.


The Slipper for Satine Spark

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I just cannot believe quite how much the Sterns little puppy has grown.  Noah was just a tiny little dot when this film was made and now he is bigger than the other dog Evie.  He was rather naughy at this shoot which is why the storyline was based around him.  I think Sarah has taught him how to behave now.  It is lucky that despite her best intentions, none of the naughty girls and boys she deal with ever learn isn’t it?  Otherwise we wouldn’t get to watch her in action.

Satine Spark SlipperedSatine had been given a rather hard smacked bottom for bringing the puppy home and she had been ordered to take him back.  Unfortunately she cannot, the friend she bought it from is out and so she returns home with the puppy.  Sarah is far from impressed and tells Satine that further punishment will be given.  She instructs this naughty young lady to go upstairs and change into her pyjamas.  She is going to get another spanking before bedtime.

Poor Satine tries to convince her Guardian that she has already learnt her lesson but she knows that whether she likes it or not, she is going to get a further punishment and that it is going to be worse than the last one.  She is filled with dread and returns to the living room ready for bed.  She is wearing some rather skimpy short pyjamas which will offer virtually no protection.

Sarah is waiting for her with a slipper in hand.  She makes Satine kneel on the sofa with her bottom high in the air.  It is already bright red and sore from the previous spanking but Auntie does not care.   Satine keeps explaining how very sorry she is but it is to no avail.

Her little shorts are soon removed and her bare bottom feels the full force of the slipper.  A sound spanking for this naughty girl.  Take a look at this and hundreds of other full length films at English Spankers.


The party aftermath

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Ashleigh punishedOur latest film stars not one but two girls who made their spanking debuts at our sites.  Ella and Ashleigh are completely different types of girls but both have proven to be very popular with all our members and in this film they team up and make a great Sister act. Ella has had a party and all the booze has been stolen from the house.  She wants to replace it before Mum comes back and finds out but does not have the money to do so.  She turns to her big Sister for help and asks her to come around to the house.  Ashleigh tries to assist but just does not have the cash needed.  When Mum comes home she automatically assumes that big Sister Ashleigh is the culprit and Ella does nothing to dissuade her! Poor Ashleigh tries to protest her innocence but Ella has seen a way out and she is going to take it.  Ashleigh had been a troubled teen and so Mum thinks the worst of her and cannot believe that her younger Daughter could be responsible especially when Ella makes it clear that Ashleigh is to blame.  Poor Ashleigh just cannot believe it.  She has done absolutely nothing wrong!  if anything she has tried to help and now she is going to get punished.  She has the added humiliation of her younger devious Sister watching Mum smack her bare bottom with a rather nasty paddle! Her punishment is prolonged and painful and her bottom is soon bright red and really sore.  Life truly is not fair at times but will Ella get her comeuppance?  Take a look on site at this and many other great films.


The cane for Aleesha Fox

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Hi and welcome to our first update of the New Year. I do want to wish all my members and friends a very prosperous and happy one. Keep spanking, that’s the way to happiness, a warm bottom is always welcome, just like a nice warm cosy room.

Anyway, if you are a regular visitor to our site you will notice that there have been a number of changes, mostly cosmetic, just to help make it look a bit nicer and make it a bit easier to use. There is one additional thing, we will be adding, and have already started, bonus content for our members. This will be in the way of picture sets, some behind the scenes films, these are going to be very special and will really give you the impression of being there with us when we are filming, I find these to bAleesha Fox caned at English-Spankerse very sexy and will show also what happens when the main cameras switch off.
We are always looking for ways to make your viewing experience more exciting and we do hope to start filming soon at our home in Spain, this will give us the chance of some great outdoors action, in and around the pool and in the extensive wild gardens. So, you see, quite a lot to look forward to at English Spankers.Aleesha after the cane

Now to this weeks update and I have to say this features one of the very best spanking models in the business the lovely Aleesha Fox. This is the second part of the story we started recently about her return to the spanking scene. She did get rather a good paddling but as we expected she was not to be satisfied with this. No, she wanted to be caned and so caned she was. No messing about, just a good hard solid caning onto her beautiful bottom. This is a sequence I know you are going to like so get along to the site and take a look.

Now one of the other changes we have made is that we no longer put clips outside our members area. We have taken the decision not to feature films unless behind a secure payment wall, so you have to become a member to see the films. We have done this as responsible web site owners so that underage and those who do not want to see our films can’t possibly come across things by accident. If you want to see the films you have to make the effort of joining the site. If what you see then offends you…Well too bad!   I know that lots of you liked to look at a short tail of the film but I think that enough is known about the quality of what we offer for you to trust that you will get just what we advertise. If you are unsure or if you just want to purchase one particular film we do have a link underneath each film description to an instant download site where you can do just that. So please enjoy the films, now over 300 at English Spankers



A Well Smacked Seat for Satine Spark

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I do hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed our wonderful Christmas film.   We had great fun making it and would like to thank The London Tanner, Imogen D’arcy and Kodders for helping us make it.  This is the third year we have brought out a free film over the festive period and we hope to be able to continue to do so for many years to come.   We know that this time of year can be costly and it is our way of trying to give a little something back to the spanking community.   We appreciate each and everyone of you who buy memberships and support our spanking sites.  We don’t offer special deals ….  Our sites do not have bells and whistles ….  They just contain hundreds of fantastic spanking sites often with girls you will never see anywhere else at a low cost.  We know we must be doing something right as many of our debuted models are coveted by other spank film producers.

Satine Spark spankedSatine Spark made her spanking debut with us quite a few years ago and has proven a very popular girl with members.  We have shot with this lovely lady at least once a year and I can honestly say she still looks the same as she did the very first time she nervously came along for a shoot.  Satine makes an absolutely fantastic school girl and as you can see from our latest film plays the part perfectly.

Satine has bought a new puppy.  He really is rather cute.  There is just one small problem.  She did not ask for permission!  She has been really irresponsible and hasn’t even bothered getting him any food, bedding or toys!  Her Guardian is absolutely furious that her charge can be so thoughtless and so decides to teach her a lesson which will not be forgotten in a hurry.

The naughty young school girl is going to get a good hard spanking on her bare bottom!  She is far from happy about this but knows that there is no point in arguing.  Her Auntie is well known for her harsh discipline.  Before being smacked she is scolded and left in no uncertain terms that she has done wrong and will be punished for it.

Satine is placed over the knee and the spanking begins over her school uniform.  This in itself is painful but is only intensified when her school skirt if raised and the smacks land on her white panties.  You can soon see the redness deepen as the spanks get harder and faster.

Poor Satine  is in so much pain and knows that there is much more to come.  Her knickers are pulled down and the smacks land on her bare sensitive skin.  Her bottom feels like it is on fire.  It glows a rosy red and still the spanking continues.

Despite her protestations the spanking is prolonged and very painful.  A very sore and sorry girl is sent out to take the puppy back to where he came from.  Take a look at English Spankers to see this and many more fantastic spank films.