No way to treat a nurse

Bemby is one of those girls who always looks as though she is in a state of permanent bewilderment, a very pretty young happy girl. Well she was happy until she came into contact with her senior doctor who took her to task for her bad behaviour and general disregard to patient welfare. Bedmby did point out that she was only a trainee and she aught to be given some latitude but that certainly did not wash.

No Bemby has to be punished and it seemed that the good doctor had the right medicine with her and was prepared to administer it there and then. So it was over the knee and pants down for our new nurse as her bare bottom took a good whacking from the nasty leather paddle. A good well acted film this, the look of fear on Bemby’s eyes is quite real but she took the punishment very stoically I thought.

You may notice a difference with the top front of the web site from today. There is a banner giving all three options you have for watching the films. We have of course the best which is site membership but then we do have two further download options accessible by clicking the links. So enjoy the film and over 300 others on the site



A fantastic spanking offer

I have a very special offer to give to you today. This is from Sarah who as you know now runs four of the top UK spanking web sites under the Strand Productions umbrella. She has reduced the price of lots of our films to the very lowest ever in a short term pre Christmas sale. Have a read below and see if you can take advantage of that offer.

Over to Sarah:

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This is my Christmas offer to you, so take advantage of it today.



The paddle for Ashleigh

It has been a sad few days for many people, we do have lots of members and friends in France and our hearts go out to the French people who are always so welcoming to us when we visit there lovely country. I am sure, knowing the spirit of the French people that they will not let the actions of a few cowardly scum bags disrupt their lives or influence their thoughts. These are not people as we know them, they have no agenda only an ideology and most of them probably don’t understand that, what they espouse is nothing to do with religion just the chance for non entities to have their 15 mins of glory. What a legacy to leave as they exit the world by their own cowardly hands.

Anyway, back to the reason for us being here, that is to bring to you the very best spanking films we can. We work very hard to make our films as good as we can and at the very highest quality we can. If you do not already have a high Def computer monitor then I really suggest that you get one to enjoy the full quality of the films we are putting out now. It is a far cry from our old standard and we are working through our back catalogue to update to the new quality.

This week we have the return of Ashleigh as she tries to get the rent money from her boyfriend who, thankfully refuses her, well if he had given it to her we would not have had a reason to spank her. This week she has to bend over the kitchen table for a good old fashioned paddling on her cute bottom/ She is not too keen on the paddle but never mind, she does get it hard and we have a great film for you.

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Please cane me she said

When you get a beautiful girl like Amelia Jane Rutherford asking for the cane what can you do? Well it’s obvious, you do exactly what she says and you give her a good caning. That said it was not me that got to administer the cane to her but the lucky Sarah Stern. In this story, which is the continuation of the one where Amelia was caught at work accessing spanking porn on her firms computer and paddled by the boss, she has now made a confession, which is in fact very close to real life, in that she likes to be caned.

I thought that both Amelia and Sarah played quite interesting parts in this film, they took  it from the ordinary into the most interesting category. Sensitive and in a way appealing in the dialog they worked out between themselves, now I know they never rehearse these films, they like the spontaneity that comes from bouncing things between each other. You have to remember also that none of our models are trained actresses and for this reason I am always interested to listen to the banter and see just how it develops.

After the initial chatting they get down to the whole reason for the film, to give the bare bottom of Amelia a real good caning. That’s exactly how it works out, Amelia is made to undress down to her stockings and bend over the couch. What follows is a good and accurate caning. That’s it. from top to bottom, literally, a good hard spanking film. Take a look at it here on English Spankers



Beauty model Ashleigh spanked

It’s always good to have the very lovely Ashleigh back at English spankers. Now I may have said it before but she is not really into spanking but she is sort of fascinated by the whole process. We always start off spanking her, a good hand spanking starting off and getting harder till she is well marked and red on her bottom.  Now this is when she seems to like it the most. Strange, you would think she was into the whole spanking scene.

Anyway, we do have a real good scene with her this week at English Spankers so take a look at the site. If you just want to download individual clips you can go along to our spanking library site and select those clips you like. Please when you go there leave your email address and I will send you advance details of new films, no you will not get pestered.

When the landlady calls round she finds Ashleigh drinking whisky and seeming not to care that today is the day she has to pay her rent. This is not at all what the nasty short tempered landlady wanted to hear and tells Ashleigh just what she thinks of her. The rent has not been paid for weeks but she can afford to go out to clubs and drink. She needs to be taught a lesson and it’s going to happen today. She bends Ashleigh over the kitchen sink and removes her panties before administering a hard and prolonged spanking to her cute bottom.



sexy cleaner paddled

Rachel Leigh is another in that growing band of lovely ladies we manage to persuade to take a good hard spanking for the members of English Spankers. Over the last couple of years we have made a concerted effort to not just find new ladies for you but to try and find those who have never been spanked before. Now, it is not easy, spanking is one of those things you either love or you simply hate and we have to try to find a way to make it something that total newbies want to do. It’s absolutely no good us going to the time, trouble and expence of finding these lovely new girls if when it comes to bending over they simply don’t want to be spanked hard.

We always try to ease these ladies in as gently as possible always bearing in mind that our members do expect to see them well and truly punished. In 99% of all cases we make the right choices and it was just this way with Rachel, already an established model she decided to trust us and give spanking a try. Well we have now filmed with her about three times and we think we have some pretty good films with her. This latest just goes to prove the point, whilst she may not love being spanked she has certainly come to like it, she now indulges in this kink with her boyfriend and he seems to be well pleased, so to any ladies out there who may be thinking of giving the old spanking  game a try, get in touch with us through our help desk and pretty soon you could be earning some lovely money for Christmas and getting some extra fun into your life.

Now to this weeks film featuring Rachel, it is the continuation of her interview for a job with the Sexy Cleaning Company:

Rachel Leigh has just had her first interview for a job at the Sexy Cleaning Company, this involved her being spanked rather harder than she thought necessary by the lady who ran the company. She thought that she now had a job but it was obvious that this rather sadistic lady had other ideas. She produced a leather paddle and despite Rachel’s protestations she proceeded to paddle her bare bottom. Then to add further humiliation she put her into the “wheelbarrow” position, spread her lags and continued with the beating. You can see over three hundred films at our web site or you can download individual films at our Spanking Library store.



The sexy cleaning company

The latest recruit to the famous Sexy Cleaning Company is the very beautiful Rachel Leigh. This young lady is new to the spanking scene and is proving to be a great favourite with our members. She is blonde, vivacious and above all very naughty.

In this film we get to see a couple of not very well used spanking positions. First sitting on a table with her bottom over  the edge to make a nice bulging target for the hard handed spanker, I think I have only seen this once before. Next she is in a very revealing position on her back legs in the air and spread wide open, the diaper position. This means that the spanker can get to all those areas not normally covered by the usual spanking positions.

The spanking purist may not approve of these positions but I think it is good to explore all the possibilities and to make the films as entertaining as possible from the visual angle as well as from the purely spanking point of view. Anyway, this is a great spanking film with this young lovely so take a look at it over at English Spankers


I just love busty babes

Yes I have to say it, next to a nice firm bottom I do love to get my hands on a pair of huge firm boobs! Ah well… This is the very best thing for me therefore, a lovely young girl by the name of Kiki Vee who has a tremendous pair of beautiful boobs and she just loves to get her bottom spanked. Now you can’t beat that.

In this story she has been out all night at a spanking party and her guardian did not know where she was and waited up all night for her, well you would. When she finally gets home the truth of where she has been is revealed and she is in trouble.

Underneath her coat, nestled between those beautiful boobs she has a rather large spanking paddle and this is put to good use on her bare bottom. Loads of good close shots of the really hard paddling she gets and of course some lovely shots of those beautiful boobs. Have a look at the film at English Spankers

I have just had a look at the update on Hand Spank Cam, this is the place to find the hand held sequences from all the strand sites. It’s a real good update this week from Sarah’s men’s site  This site is really getting some good films and a great variety on it now and is very cheap to join. I show a picture from this weeks update and last just to show you the range of films you will find there.


Amelia Jane Rutherford returns to English Spankers

We do love shooting with new girls who have never been spanked before.  We pride ourselves on being the first to bring you hot new spanking talent and giving these naughty girls the red hot bottoms they deserve.  Our site is different to many as we shoot with girls who have never ever been spanked before and some of them after we have given them a good whacking, never will be again!

But every now and then we also like to film with some of the more famous spankees and I am sure you will agree when I say that Amelia Jane Rutherford falls into this category.   She has been voted the Best Female Spankee many times and has a real following in the spanking scene.  This is for quite a few reasons ….  Not only has she got one of the best bottoms in the industry, but she is a truly lovely person as well.

This week she plays the part of an employee in trouble for watching spanking porn whilst she was at work.  Her Boss is disgusted!  She feels that Amelia is adding to exploitation by watching such filth and wants to show her that spanking is not only painful but degrading to women as well.

She has a hard heavy leather paddle and soon gets to work on Amelia’s naughty bottom.  She gives her stroke after hard stroke in the hope that a lesson will be learnt.  Amelia finds the whole situation painful but quite arousing as well and her Boss is also in for a surprise.

The Boss finds herself enjoying giving the punishment.  She is confused by her feelings as she had honestly thought that spanking was not something that ‘normal’ people should do.  The two girls both admit that they have received pleasure and wonder where they should go from there.

English Spankers


Ashleigh Self spanking

Just before I tell you about this exciting new film, and it is really horny, I just want to mention our Handy Spankcam site. This is quite new and features films from all our other sites that we have shot using our latest handy spank cam. This special camera gives a unique view of the spankings, with great close in shots and some very different views of the action. You will also get to see what is happening on our other sites, it is also by the way very cheap to join!

Now onto this weeks update with the amazing Ashleigh. Now she is not really into spanking and so when she asked if she could do a self spanking film we were not too sure, would she be as tough on herself as we would be? We need not have worried, she did things we would never have done. She paddled her magnificent breasts and her open pussy. Wow! Then she started on her thighs and bottom and then she did something we have never seen before, she used two paddles at once on her bare bottom. Boy did she give herself a hiding. All in all this is a tremendous film and we know you will love it so get along and take a look at English Spankers