Two young lovers have their first spanking experience

A great natural film for you this week. Rascal is one of our newest models and she asked if she could bring her girlfriends along so they could do a film together. We said sure and so we meet Lovely Lucy. This young lady, like Rascal had never been spanked so we said OK let Rascal spank you for the first time, that should be a turn on for you both and it will be great for our members to see. So here is the story and take a look at the film at English Spankers They wanted to do something which reflected their life together so it was a very natural and sexy film we finished up with. This was the very first time that Lucey has been spanked or paddled and she was in truth a bit scared but you will see that she soon got into the whole thing and did enjoy the somewhat painful experience. A lovely film but with some good hard spanking and paddling.

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Bonnie gets her bottom paddled and other things

Another great new story this week featuring Bonnie and the continuation of her application to join the house of spanking, in effect a house of very easy virtue dedicated to spanking and all such things, more of that later.

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Now here are the details from todays story:
Bonnie May is still determined that she wants to work in this “house of easy virtue” and is sure that she can handle all that might come her way. She is told that lots of men like to see the girl dressed as a schoolgirl and then to be able to take them over the knees and give them a thrashing with say, a slipper. She finds this a bit strange but says she can do it so she has to prove this. She takes a damn good slippering on her tights and on her bare bottom. We know you just love this lady and all her films are very special so please get along and take a look. You can also get the film and loads of others from our shop at Clips4Sale where you can also look at a clip.





The return of Lulu

Before Christmas we featured the lovely mature model Lulu Lush and we were amazed at the response to her film and pictures. You really did love this lady. Maybe it was the fact that she was very nervous about getting her first spanking or that she is a real lovely lady and that comes through.

Whatever, she did decide after the quite painful paddling that she would go ahead and try the cane. Well, we do have our candy cane, this does not look too intimidating and so that was the one we produced. Lulu did seem very keen to get on with it and try it out. Now the first stroke was quite gentle and she just took it very quietly, we thought OK lets increase this and so, by the end of the caning she was in fact taking some quite hard cane strokes. We say well done Lulu for this, if you think a cane does not hurt your tender bottom then just come along and we will be happy to show you. You can see a clip of this at our clips4sale site or you can join us here and get access to over 300 other full length  films.


Bonnie wants to earn some money

This week we bring back one of our most popular models the very lovely Bonnie. Now bonnie is another of those models who is really not into the spanking scene, how do they do it, you may wonder. Well I am also not sure but we do have a number of girls who are not into the scene but none the less make great spanking models. It might be that it’s simply because their reactions are so authentic that you like them, their expression of the pain is so real that it cant be hidden away or faked. In the case of Bonnie, well we have filmed with her a number of times and every time she is just great to work with and takes the genuine punishments we hand out to her so very well.

This story goes thus:

Young Bonnie has lost her job and really needs to earn some money. She knows an establishment where men will come and pay for sex and goes along for a job. She is told that they do not have vacancies for girls who want to do sex but if she is prepared to be spanked and indulge in CP then they can give her a job. She says she will give it a go and this is the story of her interview and her first try out for a new way of earning money.

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Lola Marie joins the Sexy Cleaning Company

I do hope you all had a great time at New year.  This time of the year is notoriously miserable so why not cheer yourself up by joining English Spankers We can’t guarantee you any sunshine but we can guarantee that you will not regret your membership for as little as £11.30 per month you can watch over 300 films and matching photo galleries.   If you don’t like joining membership sites then don’t worry.  All our films can be bought on an individual basis at Spanking Library or our Clips4Sale site.

The first film of 2016 is a great one and stars the lovely Lola Marie.  She made her spanking debut with us quite a few years ago and we loved her.  Lola Marie is an amazing young lady who can take a huge amount of punishment. 

When we filmed with her last year she mentioned that she had yet to join the Sexy Cleaning Company!  She was quite upset not to have been included in this Hall of Fame so we decided that we needed to change this sooner rather than later.

Lola Marie looks pretty amazing in her Maid Uniform and soon shows Mr Stern her cleaning skills.  Predictably, he has her reaching up high and bending low so he can get lots of upskirt and down shirt shots with his camera. 

Once he is satisfied with her cleaning skills, he gets to the main part of the Sexy Cleaning Company interview.  Can Lola Marie take a good hard spanking?  Well, we all know the answer to that question is a resounding Yes but it would be a short and rather boring film if we just took her word for it wouldn’t it? 

Mr Stern convinces Lola Marie that in order to make the grade as a sexy cleaner than she needs to take not only a good hard bare bottom hand spanking but a good dose of the crop as well.  Lola agrees to take the spankings and drapes herself over the knee.

Her bottom looks rather amazing in her sexy knickers but it is not long before they are taken down so that her bare flesh can feel the full force of Mr Stern and his hard and heavy hand.  He does not do much of the spanking anymore but when he does he certainly makes sure that the recipient knows that she has been spanked!  A prolonged and painful spanking is followed by a good cropping which certainly leaves it mark.   To watch the full film and many hundreds more go and join English Spankers  


The last spanking of the year

Well it’s maybe not the last spanking of the year exactly but it’s certainly my last spanking blog of the year. What a great year it’s been for English Spankers. We have had on our sites some of the very best spanking models in the world and some of the very newest ladies have been introduced to spanking on our web site.

That goes for the lady who features in our update this week the aptly named Rascal, she is appearing in her second film for us. As you know we do like to have a bit of an interview with our newest models, find out a bit about them and how they got into the spanking world. With Rascal it was easy, she had never been spanked at all and never really shown any interest. So why come along to be spanked? Well she wanted a new experience! That is certainly what she had with her first spanking. Now she is going to be paddled, this is the next stage. Now whilst she may not have taken the hardest spanking in the world I know you will love the way her bottom turns a beautiful shade of red as soon as she gets the leather slapped down on it. This is a sure sign that she is a spanking virgin and makes this a real good film to take us into the new year.

You can take a look at our site right here or if you just want to download a single film then take a look at our Library here.

So, from all at Spanking Towers, I want to wish you a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year. Try to do something nice for someone every day and have good thoughts.




Almost Christmas spanking time

Well it’s almost the end of another great spanking year and we at Spanking Towers want to thank all our loyal members who have continued to support us despite the economic downturn and the proliferation of pirated material on the internet. We sometimes get sustained attacks on our sites from these individuals who just want to rob hard working people, sad folk that they are they think it right to steel the fruits of other people’s labours. During the past year though we have been able to trace some who were pirating and some who were downloading and we have some satisfaction in the outcome of actions taken!

If you want to see good new spanking films then please don’t buy from these talentless scumbags, not only will the product be not of the same quality but you could and almost certainly will end up with your credit card cloned and a virus on your computer. We do try to warn people and believe me it is happening. You can but our legitimate films now, individually at such a reasonable rate as to make it a stupid exercise using pirate site.

We have started putting together compilations of films, some over 60 mins long and these can be obtained from our two instant download sites HERE & HERE  These sites are safe, secure and you get the film just as we intended.

This week we have a great film with a lovely lady called Lulu Lush, here are the details:

Big boobed Lulu Lush has just been spanked by her husband and she tells us all about it before setting out to show us. As she is paddling her own bottom reality suddenly goes out of the window and her husband is there with the leather paddle in hand and is giving her already red bottom a hell of a paddling. She says she likes it but, well I am not so sure, she did get it hard and it is her first ever paddling. Gear real husband and wife punishment film. Take a look at our site now with well over 300 original films right here

It just remains to wish you all a very happy, spanky Christmas and spare some time to be nice to someone not as well off as yourself. Fiona,Sarah,Mr. Stern and the crew in Spain.


A lesson in caning

It always seems that the favourite films are those featuring good hard canings and so I am sure you will love this weeks update on English Spankers. In the film we have Sarah continuing the punishment lessons she is giving to Kodders, Incidentally, it is usually Kodders himself who is being punished, you can see some of his more nasty ones on Sarah Spanks Men. But in this the second film of the instructions on how to punish she does not let him get his hands on the cane. Sarah has decided that Kodders is pretty rubbish at dishing out the spankings so she makes him watch while she canes the lovely April.

Now April is a very fit young lady, you may have seen our last film featuring her when she just about had her legs round the back of her neck! In this film she is made to remove all her clothes before she bends right over to take her caning, I do not think I have ever seen anyone bend in just this perfect way before. Once the caning starts she takes each stroke very well, she tries not to cry out with the pain but in the end she just has to. I really like this film and I do love April. Take a look at the web site where you can join and download this and over 300 other films. If you want to buy just individual sequences then you can get them, and watch some free clips from the films at my Instant download site. I do also have a Spanking Library site where you can do the same, both of these are trusted sites so don’t go to the pirate sites and get viruses on your computer and your credit card copied!




Who’s a naughty Rascal

Once again English Spankers bring you a new young beauty baring her bottom for her first ever spanking. I know what you say, how do we do it? Well it just aint easy but we do look far and wide to find these beauties. Some people search their whole lives to find young ladies who want to get their bottoms spanked and never meet the right person, I am telling you we have to work at it but we do manage to find girls who are the envy of the spanking industry. Why doo they come to us? Well they know we make great films, they know they will have a fun day and they know they will go home with a red hot and sore bottom. We do actually give ice packs for the girls so they can be comfortable on the train!

I know you will love our latest lady, she is young, fresh and totally new to spanking so please take a look at the site and join us, it’s only with your support we can keep finding these lovely girls. If you want to see a clip from the film and download single films then take a look at our library.

Rascal by name and Rascal by nature, when she turned up and wanted to make a spanking film with us we were delighted. Had she ever been spanked? No but she was willing to give it her best. We started off with a spanking over her denim shorts and that was fine but once they were down she had just the most beautiful bottom and she did take rather a stinging spanking. We know you like to see new girls and they don’t come any more virginal than Rascal.



How to punish April

Now you would think that by now we know how to punish a young ladies bottom, yes, well of course we do and we know very well all the various methods we can employ. But we do have a rather new member to our team. Those of you who are members of Sarah Spanks Men will recognise Kodders, he is the guy who is always in trouble and always getting beaten by a collection of pretty young ladies.

We thought it would be nice to see how he got on as a spanker and well I have to tell you, not too well! We decided that he needed some lessons and luckily we did have a rather lovely young lady called April who was on her first shoot with us. She volunteered to let Kodders practice his paddling skills on her bottom now naturally enough we did need someone to show him what to do and Sarah said she would give it a go. Now I think he was a bit of a slow learner or it may have been that he was enjoying spanking young Aprils bottom just a little too much but he kept wanting to do it again and again.

April took it all in her stride and by the end of the filming she had received quite a good hard and it must be said, long paddling. So after all the fuss we did finish up with a real good spanking film, we had April spanked over the knee and in the very revealing diaper position, she is very fit and nearly had her legs over her shoulders! Anyway, a very good effort from Kodders and excellent from April. Please take a look at the site where you can see more details.