The cane for Violet

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Our policy of finding as many new ladies as possible really does make our site pretty unique, yes we know, most of the ladies we discover go on to appear on other spanking sites but we can say we had them here first folks!

Violet is a case in point, this iViolet Caneds her first ever spanking film, well apart from the one we featured last week where she had her first real punishment. She had been out to an all night party and when she arrived home she had to get her bottom spanked and paddled but now for something far more serious.
Sometimes only the cane will do, now Violet was not looking forward to this part of her punishment at all and so when she did bend over and put her bottom in the air she really did not know what to expect. The slash of the cane soon awakened her to what was to come. . Will this help make her a better girl? Well we sure hope so. Just get along and enjoy the film in our members area.


A Welcome return to Aleesha Fox

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Did you know that we had over 300 spanking films at English Spankers now?  That is a hell of a lot of spanking for your monthly membership isn’t it?   If we were still based in the UK and were forced to comply with the ridiculous legislation then I cannot even begin to imagine how many we would have to take down.  Who decides what is ‘trifling and transient’ anyway?  Now, I know you are probably getting a little sick of hearing about us all banging our drum but this is important and it could afAleesha returns to be spankedfect you.   Please consider showing your support for UK Producers by doing one  or indeed all of the following.  If you are a UK resident then take a few minutes to sign this petition  or write to your MP expressing your disgust.   There will also be a protest this Friday. 

Aleesha Fox is a well known and well loved spanking model and switch.  She recently took a break from being a spankee and found that she missed it terribly.  Aleesha had still been offering spanking sessions but only as a Top.  If you have ever been spanked then you will know that if you don’t do it for a while your tolerance levels drop and Aleesha was rather scared that she would no longer be able to take hard spankings, paddlings and canings.    Who better to see whether her bottom was still up to the job than Sarah Stern?  The two girls know and like each other and Sarah has one of the hardest hands around.

Aleesha decided to make her spanking return on film and this week we get to see just how well she takes it.  Is it like riding a bicycle?  Well, I guess you will have to watch the film yourself to see.  Despite their friendship Sarah most certainly did not go easy upon Aleesha and gave her a hard over the knee hand spanking before moving onto some rather nasty looking paddles!

The lovely thing about not being spanked for a while is just how quickly the bottom reddens up!  Poor Aleesha felt each and every hard spank and it is quite delightful to see her wriggling around.  A warm welcome and a warm bottom for the lovely Aleesha. 


Important News for Uk Members

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On the 1st December 2014 new regulations were introduced which effectively made the Production of Spanking Films illegal in the UK.  This was never debated, discussed or even demanded by the public.  It was brought into force to supposedly protect our children.  Some Producers were not even aware of it until overnight they became liable for prosecution.  Will this madness be enforced? and if so then how?  Who knows.

I would like to reassure  members of English Spankers that their membership will not be affected by this unjust, unfair and in all honesty pointless piece of legislation.  We could see that the UK was becoming increasingly hostile towards Producers of all types of fetish and that rules and regulations were trying to be applied to ‘police the internet’   We therefore took the decision to take our Business out of the UK.  We will continue to produce the type of films spanking fans love to see and we can do so free from fear of persecution.

The most ridiculous part of this pathetic attempt at censorship is the fact that our children can still watch spanking films made in France, Spain, Italy in fact anywhere apart from the UK.   The only people harmed by this are the hard working UK producers.  Please give just a few minutes of your time to sign this E-Petition.  We must sometimes stand up for what we believe in.  Do you want to live in a nanny state where the Government decides what you can or can’t watch?  The next step may well be to ‘ring fence’ the internet to prevent you from being able to watch spanking or other fetish related porn.   It takes about 2 minutes to sign but could make a whole lot of difference.


Party Girl Punished

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We are now in December.  I just cannot believe just how quickly this year is going!  It really will soon be Christmas.   We were joined last week by The London Tanner, Portia Roux, Kodders and Imogen D’Arcy who all helped us make the special Free Christmas film.  Can you imagine what a fun day we had?  I am sure you will love the results. this year we have not one but two free films.  This is because Sarah now has her Male Spanking Site.

Party girl punishedThis week we have yet another brand new spanking model for you.  Please meet eighteen year old Violet.  Violet is a lovely young lass who has been itching to get her bottom smacked.   Violet had such a baby face we checked her proof of id very carefully before any filming took place!   Violet had always been quite interested in spanking and had had a few slaps during sexual play with boyfriends but had never had a real spanking before.  Would she enjoy it?

We asked Violet to bring a school uniform along with her but let me tell you, once dressed in it, she most definitely did not look like a school girl.  In fact, we had to change our storyline completely.  Violet just looked so sexy in her stockings and short tight tartan skirt.  It was decided that she should try and creep home from a party to be caught by Auntie.

Auntie Sarah was of course not impressed with her slutty attire and so gave her a good scolding.  It transpired that her naughty charge had been at a spanking party!  Auntie took a look at her bum, saw that it was a bit red and decided that she could make it a hell of a lot redder!  She produced a wicked looking paddle and made the naughty girl kneel in the chair to get her whacks.

Violet is not very impressed with this but has little choice other than to take her punishment.  The paddle is quite an evil one and each stroke leaves her wincing in pain.  The poor girl tries to protect her bottom with her hands but they are pushed out of the way.  Her short skirt gives her little protection especially when her knickers are yanked down and the spanking continues onto her bare flesh.

Auntie Sarah certainly intends to drive the message home and makes sure that Violet is a rather soundly spanked young lady.  Her bottom is marked, bruised red and sore.  Take a look here




Ella Hughes Diaper Position Punihsment

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Ella Hughes punished in diaper positionElla Hughes has recently auditioned for the Sexy Cleaning Company and passed with flying colours.  Mr Stern gave her a good bare bottom spanking and has sent her out to meet her first customer.   Despite looking really sexy in school uniform, the lady who has employed her would prefer a more ‘racier’ look.  Ella is given stockings and a Basque and asked to change.

Once she is in her stockings and heels she is interviewed a little bit more.  Her red bottom is looked at and it is decided that it would benefit from having a far more crimson hue to it.  Her new employee is not happy with just spanking her, she wants to humiliate her as well so decides that this punishment should be carried out in the diaper position.

Ella looks rather wonderful with her long legs high in the air and this position leaves very little to the imagination.  It also leaves no protection from a hard and heavy hand.  Ella is given a very painful hand spanking before a selection of nasty wooden rulers are used on her already sore bum.

Ella can take a hard level of punishment but her endurance is tested to its limits.  The rulers pack a nasty bite and she winces with each and every stroke.   Her bottom is soon really marked and bruised.  Take a look at the free clip here


Pupil Mistress Paddled

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Pupil mistress paddledIt is nearly Christmas!  The shops are full of Christmas goodies, you can’t go anywhere without hearing Carols being played and children everywhere are thinking about what they should be asking Santa for.  For some it is a time of great pleasure but I know that for others it causes worry and misery.  Money is so tight for so many at the moment and the thought of all the Christmas presents which need buying can be the source of nightmares.  We at English Spankers really do understand just how hard things can be.  We don’t have a magic wand so can’t wave it to magic your troubles away but we will try to bring a little festive  spanking cheer this Christmas.   We believe that Christmas is a time for giving so we will once more be producing a full length Christmas movie and releasing it for free across all our sites for Christmas week.  I will tell you more details of this closer to the time.

This week at English Spankers we have the wonderful Zanda Lee back for more punishment.  This lovely teacher got a good spanking from the HeadMaster a few weeks back.  She hadn’t been naughty, he just wanted to show her how she should deal with errant pupils.  She was put over the knee and given a good sound bare bottom spanking which left her rather red and sore.  The Head felt that she would also benefit from having firmer measures.

Mr Stern firmly believes that in order to be able to administer a spanking or paddling correctly one must understand exactly how the spanking would feel.  What better way to find out then to experience the punishment first hand?  Zanda Lee is advised that she should take a dose of the school spanking paddle.

Zanda Lee tries to appease the Head by wearing a school uniform.  Instead it makes him rather cross!   He feels that the teacher has acted inappropriately and decides that he will paddle her even harder for this transgression.  Poor Zanda Lee cannot believe quite how badly she has misjudged the situation.

Mr Stern instructs her to bend over the desk for the paddling to begin.  The strokes are hard and given swiftly to both buttocks.  Zanda Lee soon realises just how painful this implement can be.  Her little skirt is soon pulled up and the spanking continues over her knickers.  Zanda tries to convince the Head that the demonstration should be complete but it is to no avail.

After several hard spanks with the paddle Zanda is told to take her knickers down.  The punishment then continues on her bare bottom.  This poor teacher really is embarrassed and humiliated by this spanking but has no choice but to take each and every painful stroke.

This is a prolonged punishment expertly applied by the Head which leaves her bottom bright red marked and sore.  Take a look at the free clip here



Ella Hughes Joins the Sexy Cleaning Company

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Ella Hughes joins the sexy cleaning companyIt has finally happened!  Ella Hughes has joined the Sexy Cleaning Company.  Mr Stern has been itching to get his hands on this naughty young lady for quite some time.  When she arrived for her interview she had some pre existing bruises on her legs  …..  When she was questioned it transpired that they were from private play with her girlfriend.   We usually do not film with anyone who arrives already marked but Ella had come a long way and was most apologetic so we made a rather rare exception.

The Sexy Cleaning Company is bursting its seams with sexy ladies willing to come along and clean your houses in all sorts of attire but I think Ella is the first cleaner to arrive wearing a school uniform.  She does look rather authentic in her little gingham dress, white knee socks and panties.  Mr Stern gets straight down to business and checks out her dusting skills.  He does this with the aid of his hand held camera which takes lots of shots up her skirt. 

Ella certainly does look adorable and it seems she does know her way around a duster but can she take a spanking?  We all know the answer to this is an absolute Yes but who can blame Mr Stern for claiming that he has to take her over the knee for a trial.  I mean, wouldn’t you do the same if you were in his position?

Ella drapes herself over his lap and gets ready for her first spanking from Mr Stern.  Ella has had lots of spanking from Sarah and admits that she loves being punished by a lady but would it feel the same to be spanked by a man?  Mr Stern has taken some teasing of late, he has been accused of having softer hands than his Wife so he made sure from the offset that Ella realised that he can spank just as hard.

Ella is wearing tight white school panties which look absolutely splendid.  Especially when her bum starts to redden up underneath and around them.  If Ella thought she was in for an easy ride then she was very much mistaken.  Mr Stern has a steady, hard and heavy hand which he puts to good use on her pert backside.  Her panties are removed so that the spanking can continue on the bare.

Ella is soon wriggling around upon his lap.  She can feel each and every spank and her bum is soon on fire.  I think she earned her position as one of the Sexy Cleaners don’t you?  Take a look at the free clip and see.


The pupil mistress spanked

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Pupil mistress spankedI must admit to not being a great fan of school uniform films, I will watch with interest and if the lady is right and the spanker  is convincing then it’s not so bad but the latest film we have on English Spankers is just a little bit different.

It features a lady who is new to the spanking scene and of course new to our sites. Once again we are bringing you the best new faces and the most un smacked bottoms, anyway, Zandia Lee is her name and we think she is just great. Of a certain age she has all the ingredients to make a very sexy school mistress and that, in this film is just what she is. She is the pupil mistress and Mr. Stern is the lucky guy who gets to play the headmaster complete with his masters gown and a heavy right hand just waiting to get to work on Zandia Lee.

The story is that as the new mistress at this select private educational establishment she has to learn just how to discipline the pupils in her charge. Now we all know how to spank a bottom but the head feels the need to demonstrate the correct procedure and method and it will  be on the bare bottom of the pupil mistress. And why not, that’s just what we expected.  Dressed in her long black stockings, a small pair of panties providing minimum protection she has to take a real hard and well administered spanking. Take a look at the film clip right here.


Ashleigh caned

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Ashleigh canedMost of the young ladies we feature on our site are into the spanking scene in some way. They either play with their boyfriends or husbands or have discovered that they like spanking and CP and indulge either in clubs or with partners they meet through sites such as Spanking Personals What may start as a bit of fun can and does develop into a full blown kink that they enjoy to the full. All this is great and for the most part the ladies we film come from those groups. We do however try to cast our net a little wider, inviting those who maybe have never tried or never even thought of trying the CP game to give it a go.

One such lady was the very lovely Ashleigh. We have featured her in a number of films and in all honesty we never thought that having made the first she would come back for more, but she did. In fact more than once and we were delighted to have her. The one thing she had always said she did not want to do was to take the cane. Now we do always respect what our models want, we never push them but in this case Ashleigh asked  us if she could try the cane. To say we were surprised was an understatement but we jumped at the chance.

The scene was set and the disciplinarian was to be Sarah Stern from Spanking Sarah Now she is renowned as a very hard lady to be bent over in front of and we did warn Ashleigh but she bravely went ahead and she took a real hard caning. Sarah told her that she would get just the same caning as she usually gives, Ashleigh agreed that was the right thing to do and we have it all on this great film that you can watch now at English Spankers. You can take a look at the free clip right here


Kami Robertson Spanked, Slippered and Caned

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Kami Robertson canedThere are many spanking models.  Some make just one or two movies, some make hundreds.  They all have one thing in common, the life of a spanking model is not a long one.  Now, I don’t mean that they die!  Heaven forbid but I expect they have to in the end.  What I mean is that very few young ladies continue to make spanking movies year after year.    Kami Robertson is one such lady.  She is still quite active in the spanking scene but now identifies solely (well in a professional capacity) as a Domme.  I do think personally think that this is a great pity but it is a path many young spankees end up taking.

We are very proud here at English Spankers to have been one of the very first Spank houses to film with this delightful young lady and over the years we did shoot some of what I feel is the very best material featuring Kami Robertson.   Kami was always very popular with our members and after watching this film you will see why.  She may only be petite but she can take one heck of a punishment.  She really does look the part of a naughty school girl as well. 

In this remastered classic film you will see this beautiful young lady not only spanked but slippered and caned as well.  This was originally two films but it has been reedited to bring you all the action in full.  Kami looks absolutely amazing spread over the desk with her Japanese school uniform complete with white regulation knickers.  As the punishment progresses the knickers are removed and kami is placed in the diaper position which is not only painful but humiliating as well. 

Fans of Kami or indeed just those who love authentic school girl punishments are going to be so thrilled to be able to see this film in its full glory.  Kami is left with  some visible cane welts on her pert behind.  Take a look at the free film here.

Remember if you do not wish to buy a monthly membership to a spank site you can buy individual films at our clips4sale siteWe never split the films and always make sure we place them at the lowest price allowable by the store.