College girls caned at home

This is the second part of our college girls caning film and sees the ever popular Bell bending over for a good swishing from the senior girls cane. Now when a cane is applied to the bare bottom it really does hurt, there is no way of not making it hurt but when we asked Bell what she thought of it she said she quite liked it. Well there you have it. Now I am not saying that everyone will like the cane, I don’t like it myself although my husband likes to chase me round the bedroom brandishing one, he has yet to catch me. If you want to spice up your bedroom life it could be a way to go but be sure to ask first as an uninvited swish of the cane can very often bring a swift response!

Anyway, back to the film, you may notice that all our newer films are being encoded in the MP4 format. This is because we are now putting them out in full HD and the file sizes are getting quite large and also because it will make it much easier for them to be viewed on Macs and tablets and phones. So an all round better experience. You will notice however that our films are quite large files so please always download them to your computer before trying to watch them.

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The beautiful April May

April May Crazy name crazy girl, oh what a beauty and boy did you love her first ever  appearance on any spanking site anywhere, we just had to bring her back to you as soon as possible. This story is a continuation from the first feature we did and in this one April has decided that she just loves being spanked so much that she is going to cause a problem in her house just so she can be spanked again.

This time however she has given it some thought and has been out and brought herself a lovely leather paddle, this she thinks may be softer than the hands that spanked her and I am not sure if that is right but you can judge from her reactions. She soon persuades her landlady to agree to administer the paddle, she slowly strips naked and then is paddled in a number of different positions. I just love the photography in this, it is done with a hand held camera moving and watching from all angles, reminds me of the old days of gonzo filming (ask yer dad).  This lady is utterly sex on legs and to see the expressions on her face and the way she takes this paddling is pure bliss. There are also some great pictures on the site to further show her off. A great film and I do hope they get this lady back soon to English Spankers.

Oh by the way, there is now a site dedicated to all the hand held sequences from this and other web sites in the group. Take a look at Handy Spank Cam I think if you like to see these amazing hand held films then you will want to join this very reasonable priced site as well.


College Girls caned

There are some young ladies we love to film with and then there are those you love us to film with and then there are those we all want to see on film, that’s a long winded way of saying that two of everyone’s favourite girls feature in this update. Luna & Bell have been on the site previously and you tell us you want them back. Well to be honest we did not have a film of them but Sarah from Spanking Sarah kindly gave us a brand new film or two featuring these young ladies.

As to story lines, well college girls are always good to see in films and the story lines are endless as long as we see them punished at the end and that is exactly what we have here. Poor grades and general bad behaviour led to them being spanked on the last day of term and so when they get back to their guardian she is not best pleased to hear the report from the college principle. She quite rightly thinks that both girl should be punished again and in a very painful and severe manner.

Luckily or not depending on who you are she does have a wicked looking cane handy and so in this film poor Luna has to bend over and take what I thought was a very severe caning. Now I may be wrong but I think this is the first time she has been caned, but I can tell you this, she did get a real hard caning and she took it very well. Her lovely bottom was well marked and I am sure her train ride home would have been most painful. Anyway, a great film and well worth looking at English Spankers.

Before I close this blog I just want to ask you to go to Spanking News and take a look at some of the quite troubling posts there, many thanks.



Uni Student Spanked OTK

This film features another lovely new spankee in her very first spanking experience. We think she looks amazing and that she made this great film even better.

April has recently moved into a student house.  Her Landlady has had some complaints about strange noises coming from her bedroom.  It seems that she may have broken the ‘No Pets’ Rule.  When Mrs Stern goes to investigate April quickly throws a towel over the cage and tries to lie her way out of trouble ….  Her hamsters however have other ideas and make quite a lot of noise running around in their cage.  Mrs stern does not have to look very far to find them and is not impressed with how her new tenant has behaved.

Mrs Stern feels that she must evict this naughty young lady.  She does not want to but rules are rules and must be abided by.  April promises to rehome the hamsters and begs for another chance.  In desperation she asks to be spanked rather than evicted.  After careful consideration Mrs Stern decides that this maybe the best course of action and request that April bends over her knee.

April is warned that the spanking will be a proper punishment and that she is going to get a very sore bottom.   This is a first time spanking but Mrs Stern is going to make sure that it will not be forgotten in a hurry.  The smacks land firstly on her legging clad backside but these are soon removed.  I feel that April may regret putting on a thong as this does not give her any protection whatsoever.

Her skimpy choice of underwear is soon removed as well and the spanks land directly onto her bare bottom.  April is close to tears but the punishment continues without pause.  Her cheeks are soon rosy red and very sore.  This is a prolonged and painful bare bottom over the knee hand spanking.  Take a look at the great new film at English Spankers



Rachel Leigh gets the cane

Well Well! No sooner has our brand new model Rachel been paddled on her delectable bare bottom than it is decided the punishment did not fit the crime. Now I don’t happen to think that doing naughty things on your web cam is necessarily bad but poor Rachel’s flat mate did not agree with this and is determined to show just what she thinks about it.

Rachel is a rather lovely young lady with a great body and a bottom that really does need spanking, well it has been spanked but does she deserve the canings she is just about to get? The answer has to be a big YES she does. So she has to bend over and push that pert bottom high into the air for her very first, yes it is folks, her very first ever caning. Now how did she take it, you will have to be the judge of that but we think she did pretty damn well. Take a look at the film at our web site along with over 300 others at English Spankers


Rachel-Leigh WebCam Spanking

Many girls are now making a living doing naughty things on webcam.  Nothing wrong with that I hear you say and I would tend to agree with you.  However, Rachel’s flat mate sees things very differently!  She is horrified to come in and find her flaunting her body to all and sundry.  Rachel has been giving herself a little bit of a spanking to keep her punters happy.  Her idea of getting spanked and her flat mates differs greatly, something that Rachel is soon going to find out! 

The webcam has been left on and the punter is delighted when he realises that Rachel is going to get a good beating!  He is a real spanking fan and can’t believe his luck.  Rachel is far from impressed she is going to be beaten with her own implements and apart from giving herself a few sexy taps, has never had to endure a real punishment.

Rachel is soon over the knee and is quite vocal about her displeasure about being spanked.  She does not like it one bit but this does not deter Sarah from making sure that each and every stroke of the various paddles hits hard.  Her knickers are soon pulled down so that she can feel the full brunt of the implements on her bare bottom. 

Rachel soon has a very red and incredibly sore bottom which is glowing a vivid red.  The punter is really pleased with the show and decides he wants more.  What will happen to poor Rachel next?  Take a look at the full film at English Spankers.



Kodders Paddles Jess

Kodders is much better known on the other side of the paddle or cane.  Like many of our members, he loves to be put over the knee and given a good hard spanking.  You can see him being given some rather hard punishments on our Sister site SarahSpanksMen.

Kodders does class himself as a sub but has for some time wanted to see just what it would be like to be on the other side.  He has been looking for a suitable spankee for some time but was rather fussy about the type of girl he wanted to spank. 

He could not believe his luck when Jess joined the Sexy Cleaning Company.  She was just what he was looking for.  She has really long dark hair, an amazing body and a nice hairy pussy.  It is fair to say that she was his perfect dream woman.

Mr Stern has given Jess her initial interview hand spanking and now Kodders can use the paddle.  He is a little bit nervous as he has never done this before but Jess tries to reassure him.

Jess certainly looks very sexy in her maids uniform.  Especially when she is knelt on the sofa with her skirt lifted and her knickers down.  Kodders is in seventh heaven!  He soon gets into the swing of things and gives Jess a good hard paddling.

Her bottom is soon rosy red and glowing.  This is a great first paddling film.  Will Kodders now convert to being a spanker?  Take a look at the full film at English Spankers



The Paddle for Luna May

Mr Stern has just given Luna May her first bare bottom spanking administered by a male.  She was rather nervous about this.  Previously she had only been spanked by a woman.  She was not sure if it would be any harder.  After the spanking had been given she had quite a rosy red bottom.  She did not want to say if it was harder than any previous spankings in case this got her into trouble!

Unfortunately for Luna, Mr Stern feels she would benefit from some further punishment.  He rarely spanks girls bottoms these days but when he does he does like to think that he has done the job properly.

He feels that Luna would benefit from a dose of the spanking paddle.  He has a huge selection to choose from and picks one which he knows really stings!  Luna is soon to find that Mr Stern can be really mean when he sets his mind to it.

She is initially placed back over the knee and the spanking starts over the skirt.   He does not feel that he is getting enough of a swing to be administered a hard enough paddling so he soon has her on her knees on the sofa.

Her skirt is raised and her panties are pulled down and he makes sure each and every part of her young bare bottom feels the full effects of his nasty leather paddle.  Slap after painful slap land on her tender skin and she soon has tears in her eyes.

Luna is well punished by Mr Stern and left in no doubt that he is able and more than willing to give a naughty girl a hard punishment spanking when deserved.  Take a look at the full film at English Spankers.


Jess joins the Sexy Cleaning Company

Kodders wants a cleaner.  In fact he wants a sexy cleaner and he has been looking at the website for some time.  All the cleaners are sexy but none of them really do it for him.  He wants a particular kind of cleaner so comes along to see Mr Stern in person to find out if one is available.

As luck would have it, Mr Stern is just about to interview Jess who meets all of Kodders expectations.  She has a really sexy body and very long dark hair.  She admits that she is not the best cleaner in the world but she is willing to learn.

Mr Stern explains that Kodders would like to sit in on the interview and Jess is more than happy for him to do so.  Especially when she realises that she may get her first job straight away.  Jess hasn’t been spanked before but the money is good so she is willing to give it a go.

Mr Stern firstly films her doing some cleaning,  the naughty man puts the camera right up her skirt and down her top and gets some great action shots.  It is then time for Jess to go over the knee whilst Kodders watches her getting a good spanking.

Mr Stern has a hard and heavy hand and he soon puts it to good use on her bare bottom.  Jess has fair skin so she soon is very red.  The spanking is prolonged and a painful one.  Will Jess join the sexy cleaning company?  Take a look at the full film at English Spankers.


An OTK Spanking for Luna May

Luna May had her first ever spanking on film and she has proved to be very popular with our members.  Luna has made quite a few films with us but had never ever been spanked by a man before in her life.  Sarah Stern does do most of the spankings but Mr Stern likes to keep his hand in from time to time.

On this particular day Mr Stern decided that he fancied spanking a naughty girl and that Luna fitted the bill perfectly!  She was rather nervous as she did not know whether or not his hand spanking would be harder than Sarah.

After a brief discussion she found herself over the knee.  The spanking began over the skirt but this was soon raised to reveal her lovely black lace panties.  I do love lace panties, you can see the bottom reddening up under and around them.  Mr Stern had not smacked anyone for quite some time but you will be pleased to know that he had not lost his touch.

Luna found the spanking rather painful, especially when her knickers were pulled down so that each and every smack landed on the bare bottom.   She was soon kicking her legs and squirming and her bottom glows a fiery red.

This is a great otk spanking M/F spanking film which leaves young Luna with a really red and sore bum.  Take a look at the film at English Spankers.