The Cane for Bonnie May

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Bonnie May is in trouble, huge trouble.  She has been making sexual advances towards a young lad at work.  He has understandably made a complaint to the Boss and has asked for the behaviour to stop.  Mrs Stern decides that the best way to deal with the situation would be not to sack Bonnie but to pay her a home visit.  Bonnie is shocked but admitted  that she has acted inappropriately and agreed to discipline rather than lose her job.

Mrs Stern has already paddled young Bonnie and left her with a very red and sore bottom but her ordeal is far from over.  Bonnie is going to be caned.  The poor girl tries to convince Mrs Stern that she has suffered enough but it is no avail.  She is going to be subjected to the harshest type of punishment possible.

Not content with caning her Mrs Stern feels that some humiliation is in order.  She makes Bonnie remove her clothing so that she is totally naked.  Stripped and vulnerable Bonnie is made to bend over and await her fate.

Mrs Stern knows that the anticipation can be as worse as the actual punishment and is in no hurry to carry the caning out.  Bonnie is terrified, she has never been caned before but knows that it is going to hurt far more that the painful paddling.

When the first stroke lands it leaves a vivid red mark on her bare and sore bottom.  The girl is not allowed to move from her position.  Bonnie wants nothing more than to rub her welt but knows that if she does then additional strokes will be given.

Stroke after painful stroke are harshly given each leaving a further welt and causing Bonnie to have real tears in her eyes.  Mrs Stern wants to make sure that this is a lesson she will not forget in a hurry.

This is a prolonged and very painful caning which is given slowly and leaves Bonnie in no doubt that she must improve her behaviour to avoid any such happening again.   Take a look at the full film at English Spankers


A Hard Hairbrush punishment for Ellla Hughes.

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We love shooting with young Ella.  She has always adored being spanked and so as soon as she was legally old enough, she decided to try her hand at spanking modelling.  We were rather fortunate that she decided that her first spanking shoot should be with us and we knew as soon as we saw her that a star had been born.

We made some really hard films with this young lady and there does seem to be a special chemistry between Sarah and Ella which I have not seen in subsequent spanking films that have been made.   Ella is now making her way as a main stream model so cannot take the spankings that she used to.  She has however promised to come back for another shoot when she can take some time off afterwards as she loves Sarah smacking her so much.  But do not worry, we still have some fantastic hard films tucked away to show you.

Poor Ella spent the next day in bed after this particularly hard hairbrush punishment and once you have watched the film you will see why!  We tend not to use the hairbrush very much in our films – there is nothing worse for a hairbrush lover fan to see it used lightly so we only use this fearsome implement on girls we know can take a good harsh punishment.

Ella looks rather amazing in her school uniform.  But let us be honest, it is not that long since she was still wearing one!  This film portrays her as a school bully.  The school has already dealt with her but she knows that her Aunt will feel that a further punishment will be required.

After a severe talking to Ella is told to go and fetch the hairbush for her strict Aunt.  Ella knows that there is absolutely no point in trying to get out of her punishment.  Auntie is a stickler for the rules and wants to make sure that her young charge learns a rather painful lesson.

There is no warm up to this film.  Ella is made to go over the knee and Auntie makes sure that each and every stroke of that nasty hairbrush causes maximum pain to an already sore and tender bottom.  Her white school knickers offer little protection but they are soon pulled down so that the punishment is felt in its entirety onto her tender young flesh.

It does not take long for the hairbrush to leave its mark.  Poor Ella kicks her legs and squirms in pain but it is to no avail.  She soon has tears in her eyes but this does not stop her Auntie from continuing.  The poor girl knows she has done wrong but really was not prepared for her punishment to be quite so severe.

This spanking is prolonged and incredibly painful and leaves this young lady with a bruised and blistered bottom.  A fantastic hard hairbrush spanking film.  Take a look at the full feature at English Spankers


Sexual Harassment leads to Pain for Bonnie May

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I am very pleased to welcome Bonnie May back to English SpankersThis beautiful young lady has proven to be a firm favourite with our members, not bad for a girl who before coming along had never ever been spanked before.  Since her first initial spanking Bonnie has come back several times to get that wonderful bottom of hers punished and I for one am rather glad!

This week Bonnie is visited at home by her employer.  Mrs Stern has rather a delicate situation that she must discuss.  It has been brought to her attention that Bonnie has been sexually harassing one of the younger lads who has started to work for the company.  The poor lad is quite terrified of Bonnie and can no longer take her lewd comments and groping that goes with them.

Bonnie has seen the whole thing as just a bit of fun, she is an attractive lady and had not thought for one moment that her attentions would be unwelcome.  She is shocked when she realises quite how serious the situation is and that she is in danger of losing her job!   Sarah does not want to sack her but needs to ensure that her employee is suitably punished for her bad behaviour.  She proposes that instead of a disciplinary hearing which would almost definitely result in Bonnie being fired that the matter is dealt with privately.

Sarah suggests that a spanking and paddling on the bare bottom may go some way to resolving this delicate situation.  She has spoken to the young Lad and he has agreed that this would be a better conclusion than going though the official channels.   Sarah has also said that if Bonnie accepted this form of punishment that photos would be taken to show him that it had been carried out.

Poor Bonnie has little choice other than to accept the punishment.  She really does not want to lose her job and is embarrassed that her conduct has been deemed as so unacceptable.  Bonnie is mortified and so decides to do as she is told and bend over the knee for an old fashioned bare bottom hand spanking. 

The spanking is hard and fast and Bonnie cannot believe just how much it hurts.  Deep down she knows she deserves to be punished but that does not make it any easier to take.  It does not take long for her bare flesh to go bright red.  The spanking is prolonged and incredibly painful but there is far worse to come.

Sarah makes Bonnie bend over with her hands in the couch.  She then shows Bonnie the nasty spanking paddle she has brought along to use on her already tender and sore flesh.  Bonnie tries to convince Sarah that she has had enough but it is to no avail.  Bonnie is going to get the hardest beating of her young life.

The paddle is used full force and it does not take long for Bonnie to have tears in her eyes.  A painful lesson for this naughty young lady.  Take a look at the full film at English Spankers.


The Paddle for Aleesha Fox

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At English Spankers we like to try and make sure we bring you a wide mix of spanked bottoms.  We know that you like to see brand spanking new girls trying spanking for the very first time but we also know that you have your favourite spanking models.  Aleesha Fox is one of these ladies, she has been making spanking movies for some years and still looks as fantastic now as she did when she made her very first one.

She took a break from spanking for a while recently, so we were very honoured when she agreed to do a spanking shoot as a sub with us.  In fact, she enjoyed it so much that she has now started offering sub sessions once again.    We had such a lot of fun spanking Aleesha, and in this film you will see her being paddled by both Mr and Mrs Stern!

Members of English Spankers have already seen the first part of this story.  Mr and Mrs Stern run the Sexy Cleaning Company and Aleesha has been caught out before offering a few more services then just dusting!  This little minx was trying to get the customers to pay her directly.  Mrs Stern caught her and wanted to sack her.  Mr Stern convinced her to have a change of heart and they are now employing her to clean in their own house.  Aleesha did however get a good hard bare bottom spanking.

The arrangement had been working well until Mrs Stern decided to host a dinner party.  Aleesha claimed to be able to cook as well as clean and has been put in charge of the arrangements.  Imagine Mrs Sterns dismay when she finds out that Aleesha doesn’t actually have a clue!  She berates her Husband and tells him he better deal with their lazy maid.  He begins to spank her naughty bottom with a paddle.

Aleesha is not very happy at all.  Mr Stern is rather cross that he gave her another chance and she let him down so he makes sure that each and every stroke is hard.  The maid uniform is lifted up out of the way, her knickers are pulled down and the spanking is given on the bare.  It is not long before Aleesha is rather red and sore.

Just as Aleesha does not think that things could get any worse Mrs Stern marches in and claims that the beating is not hard enough!  She takes over and really gives the poor girl a fast and furious whacking.  A red bum soon turns bright crimson and It looks like young Aleesha will have trouble sitting down for some time.  A hard paddling film.  Take a look at this and hundreds of other films at English Spankers



A Pyjama Spanking for Luna

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We haven’t had a pyjama spanking at English Spankers for quite some time.  I am not sure why as I know some of or members really love to see young ladies chastised wearing their skimpy pyjamas.  We also know that for some reason some of you really do not like to see our ladies wearing knickers under their PJ bottoms.   After the lovely Luna had taken a shower it seemed like common sense to have the next film with her in the bedroom in her nightwear.

Poor Luna has had a wet bottomed spanking in the shower from her angry Auntie.   She should have been at work but instead had bunked off and was going to sneak out and see her boyfriend.  Auntie has given her a sore red bottom and sent her off to get dressed.  You really think that she would have learnt her lesson wouldn’t you?  Unfortunately instead of getting dressed Luna gets on the phone to the boyfriend and starts to tell him what a bitch her Auntie is.

Now, obviously Auntie overhears this conversation and gets very cross.  If a smacked bottom has not worked then perhaps harsher measures must be used.  Luna is told in no uncertain terms that she is going to get the hardest thrashing of her young life.   Auntie Sarah fetches a really nasty looking leather paddle and instructs her young charge to bend over the bed.

Luna realises that she has been rather foolish and has little option other than take the spanking she deserves.  Her pyjama bottoms offer her very little protection and each and every stroke of the spanking paddle is designed to cause maximum pain.  She is forced to take stroke after painful stroke and soon regrets her actions.

When the pyjama bottoms are eventually you can see just how marked and sore this young ladies bare bottom is.  The punishment continues on her tender flesh.  A hard bare bottom strapping for Luna.  Take a look at this and hundreds of other films at English Spankers.


Aleesha Fox the sexy maid

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One of our most successful series is the Sexy Cleaning Company and it’s easy to understand why when we have real sexy cleaners like Aleesha Fox. This lady is one of the most respected in the spanking business and always gives 150% on her film shoots.

As you may know the whole object of this series is that we get sexy young ladies to dress in rather short maids costumes or any other fun outfits they may have and then film them doing lots of bending and showing off of their legs and bottom before we find a good reason to spank them. Do we need a reason, well of course not but it’s great for the film having a fun story. Aleesha has made other appearances at the Sexy Cleaning Company  but we just had to find a way of getting her back. I know you will love this story so here’s the synopsis and then you can get along to the site and see the whole film.

Aleesha Fox is employed by the Sexy Cleaning Company and is supposed to be doing the house cleaning  for the company boss Mr Stern. Her cleaning methods fall far short of what is expected and so it is up to Mrs Stern to sort her out, so she calls Mr Stern to come and deal with her. He decides that a good hard spanking is called for and as she is bent over her bare bottom is exposed beneath the very short maids dress she is wearing. Mr Stern is soon well into spanking this firm and rather delightful bottom and he does have a very hard spank. Aleesha is none to impressed especially when he tells her she is to be paddled as well.

This is our latest update at English Spankers


A Shower Spanking for Luna

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I have been told that a spanking on a wet bottom hurts far more than on a dry one.  I must confess, I haven’t ever tried this but judging from the reactions of young Luna in this weeks film, I think it is most probably true.   I did mean to ask her but I was a bit afraid I might get dragged into the shower myself.

Luna Rose made her debut at Spanking Sarah a few months ago.  Luna comes from a spanking family so we assumed (wrongly) that she had been spanked before.  When she came along on the day she admitted that it was not only her first time on film, but her first time being spanked ever!  Surprisingly she had tried knife and needle play (if you are like me you are having a little shudder at the thought) but never spanking.  Well, as you can see, she took to spanking rather well.  If I am honest, I don’t think she particularly likes it but do we want our young girls to enjoy their punishments?  

Luna thinks she has the house to herself.  She should be at work but decides to take the day off and go and see her boyfriend instead but before she goes she feels a nice hot shower is in order.  She slowly peels off her clothes, jumps into the shower and begins to soap her naked body.  She is enjoying the hot spray so much that she does not notice her Aunt enter the house.

Auntie Sarah is far from impressed to find her Niece at home.  Jobs are hard to come by and she knows that if she allows her young charge to get away with not going once then she will do it time and time again.  Luna doesn’t seem to bothered about what she has done wrong,  until Auntie drags her over and starts spanking her in the shower.

Not only is this embarrassing but it is very painful for Luna.   She tries to get away but has nowhere to go!  Auntie holds her tight and carries on smacking her bottom.   It is soon really red and sore but the spanking continues.   Luna cannot believe what is happening to her and protests profusely.  She feels she is far to old to be spanked but Auntie disagrees.

This film was made with our brand new camera and is part of a series we are calling HAND MADE FILMS which allows us to get right into action and I am sure you are going to love the angles we were able to film.  Take a look at this and many other great spanking films at English Spankers


Naked Paddling for Satine Spark

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It took some time but a few weeks ago Satine Spark joined the some of the very best spanking young ladies at the Sexy Cleaning Company.  Quite how we had not included her before is beyond me but I guess it is better to be late than never.  Satine has made a very welcome addition and I am pretty sure that Mr Stern enjoyed trying her cleaning skills out and smacking her wonderful little bottom.

In fact, Satine has been rather naughty.  She enjoyed her hand spanking so secretly gave herself rather a sexy self spanking which involves quite a lot of pussy play.  She did look really great in her little sailor uniform smacking her own bum and she did make herself rather red and sore.

When Mrs Stern arrives to try her out as a cleaning young Satine soon realises that there are many different types of spanking.  Mrs Stern is intent on giving her a hard dose of the paddle and wishes to humiliate Satine by putting her in embarrassing and revealing spanking positions.  Poor Satine  had no idea that Sarah was going to be so nasty.

Poor Satine cannot believe just how hard somebody can be hit.  She visibly flinches and cries out in pain.  She is forced to strip totally naked and is placed in the diaper position.  This leaves intimate areas available to be spanked and the skin is rather tender in those places.

Not only is she placed in the diaper position but on all fours, over the knee and bent over the sofa.  Sarah makes sure that each and every part of her bottom gets a dose of the nasty spanking paddle and it is soon glowing red.  She is left with a marked and sore bottom.  Take a look at this and hundreds of other films at English Spankers


A Newbie Spanker at English Spankers

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We are well known at  bringing you brand spanking new girls here at English Spankers but we thought you may want a break from seeing Mr and Mrs Stern smack them.  I know they are both rather good Disciplinarians but a change every now and then cannot be a bad thing.  Tony is a submissive guy and he has made quite a lot of films for SarahSpanksMen.   He has on occasion admitting that he would like to try being the Spanker instead of the spanked so Sarah asked him to come along to their latest shoot with Jess.We obviously checked with Jess if she was ok with a relative newbie giving her a spanking, the lovely girl agreed straight away!  I  think poor Tony was more nervous than Jess.  Jess is better known for her work as a bondage model but always comes along for a shoot with us when she is in the UK.   We thought that it would be good to keep the storyline to the point.  Jess comes along to see Tony as a spankee and goes over his knee for a good smacked bum.

Jess looked rather lovely in her Japanese Maids outfit and I think Tony could not believe his luck!  What a wonderful way to try spanking with a gorgeous spanking model at your disposal.   I am sure many men would jump at the chance to spank this beautiful young lady.   Tony soon has Jess over the knee for the spanking to begin.

Now, this may have been the first time Tony had ever spanked anybody but he has certainly had quite a lot of experience of receiving and I am sure that this helped him be able to deliver a real hard hand spanking.   Jess has wonderfully pale skin which was soon glowing like a beacon!   Tony has a hard and heavy hand and he made sure he put it to good use.  He certainly took Jess by surprise.  A hot sore bottom for Jess.

Members will notice that this film has been filmed in a different way to usual and that we have been able to get right into the action.  We have new cameras which allow us to get into places a standard camera never could.  Take a look at this and hundreds of other great spanking films at English Spankers


Satine Spark Sexy Self Spanking

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We do love Satine Spark.  She really is quite a wonderful young lady.  Not only is she beautiful but she can take a good hard spanking as well.  Not only can she take a spanking, but she admitted on our last shoot that she often spanks herself as well.

This we had to see.  I don’t know about you, but I think that there is something incredibly sexy about a girl who likes to smack her own bottom.  We asked Satine if she could show us exactly what she does and she was more than happy to oblige.   We gave her a nice spanking paddle, set up a camera rolling and left her to do exactly what she wanted to do.

I must say that I am rather pleased that we did!  I always knew that Satine was a really horny little madam but I certainly didn’t realise just how sexy she could be, particularly when she is giving herself real hard swats with that paddle.  She has soon given herself a really red and sore bum but this did not deter her.

We incorporated her self spanking into a little storyline.  Mr Stern had employed her to work for his sexy cleaning company – he had gone away to phone an interested client leaving Satine along with the spanking paddle.  The positions that young lady managed to put herself into would make anyone blush!  Revealing, sexy self spanking at it’s very best finished off with some pussy play.  A wonderful self spanking film.  Take a look at this and hundreds of other fantastic spanking films at English Spankers.