Meet Our Latest Spankee Ella Hughes

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We film with a lot of lovely ladies both young and old and we love them all.  However, sometimes someone a little special comes along and you just know that they are going to take the spanking world by storm.  Meet Ella Hughes at just nineteen years old she is rather new to the spanking world but do not let her beauty fool you.  This is one young lady who knows exactly what she wants.  Ella has wanted to be spanked from a very early age and now that she is old enough to do so she is certainly making up for lost time. 

Ella has done an interview with Sarah which she will show on her site at a later date.  In this she explains just how much she loves to be spanked, whipped, paddled and strapped.    This week we see her play the part of a college girl who is failing in her grades.  Sarah is her tutor who offers her some motivation to get back on track.   Ella does not want to fail so enquires as to what this motivation will entail.  She is rather shocked when Sarah informs her that it will involve having her bottom spanked.

With little choose open to her but to accept a reluctant Ella goes over the knee.   She cannot believe what is happening to her, especially when her skirt is lifted up and her knickers pulled down.  Her bare bottom is subjected to a prolonged, fast and really painful hand spanking which leaves it marked and bruised.  For those of you who think that it is ‘just a hand spanking’ should perhaps take a turn over the knee.

Ella kicks and wriggles but this does not prevent Ms Stern from making sure that she is punished.  Ella is told that she must return later for some further motivation and leaves the office red raw and sore.  Take a look at the free clip here


An Unusual Request

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Please cane my bottomMeet Jessie.  Some of you may know this beautiful young lady from the Bondage sites she usually works on.  Jessie loves to tie and be tied and has a wonderfully flexible body.  Jessie has made a few spanking films for us in the past and found that although spanking is painful, that she rather enjoyed the kiss of the paddle or the sting of the strap on her bare  skin.

Jessie has thought about offering 121 spanking services but knows that in order to do so that she will have to come to terms with taking the cane.   This is something which in the past she has always shied away from.  She has been told just how painful it can be and as she is pale skinned knows that it will leave welts upon her for some time.  Jessie really does not know what to do!  She does not want to offer a Gentleman a session and have to stop him when he wields the cane but she needs to know that she can actually endure it.

After careful consideration Jessie decides that it is probably a good idea to ask an experienced Top to cane her.  She wants to know that her first caning will be carried out by someone that she can trust and who knows exactly what they are doing.  Jessie decides that Auntie Katie would be the perfect person to give her her first ever dose of the cane.

Auntie Katie is used to being asked to administer the cane but it is usually naughty boys who wish to partake of her services.  She is surprised but proud when Jessie seeks her out and confides in her.  Jessie is quite scared but she knows that she will be in capable hands with Katie.  The cane will be correctly applied and Katie will make sure it is hard but fair.

Auntie Katie takes Jessie over the knee at first to warm up her virgin bottom.  The hand spanking is hard and applied on the bare.  It does not take long for this young ladies bottom to turn bright red.  Jessie has been spanked before and so can take quite a good hand spanking and Katie ensures that she spanks every single part of her delightful bum.

All to soon it is time for the cane to be applied.  A rather nervous Jessie is asked once more to ensure that this is really what she wants.  This is not a punishment but Katie explains that the cane will still be applied full force.  It would be unfair of Katie to lead Jessie to believe that the cane was not fearsome.

Jessie agrees to go ahead and is asked to get into position.  She leans upon the spanking stool with her skirt raised and her buttocks bared and high ready for her caning.  Auntie Katie does not hold back and the first stroke takes this young girl by surprise and takes her breath away.  A welt appears on her reddened rump and it is soon followed by many more.

The caning is prolonged and painful and leaves Jessie in no doubt as to how a real caning should feel but is this something she will endure again?  Take a look at the free clip here


The Cane for Belle Calder

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The cane for Bell CalderMr Stern recently had cause to visit a very naughty young lady called Belle Calder.  Her behaviour was out of control and her Guardian just did not know what to do for the best.  She knew that Belle had the potential to be a really lovely girl but she had got in with the wrong crowd and had such a bad attitude.   Mr Stern soon put paid to this poor behaviour by giving her a good dose of the spanking paddle.  Belle felt that her lesson had been learnt but it seems that it was only just beginning.

Before leaving the house Mr Stern left Belle a present …….  He gave her Auntie a cane and instructed her to use it on Belles bare bottom.  He felt that although the paddling she had received was hard a further punishment would be required.  He also felt that Auntie should assert her authority and show Belle exactly who was in charge.

Poor Belle begs Auntie not to punish her but it is to no avail.  Belle is to get 12 hard strokes of the cane on her bare bum.  Auntie firstly takes her over the knee and gives her a good firm spanking which has Belle kicking her legs in pain.  Her cheeks are soon bright red and very sore.  The spanking is prolonged and painful and meant to show Belle that further misbehaviour would not be tolerated

Belle is then instructed to bend over with her bottom high in the air.  She has to take 12 full force strokes of the cane from Auntie and she is rather frightened.  She has never been caned before and knows that this is going to hurt.  Her knees buckle on the very first stroke which leaves a livid red line across her cheeks.

Each stroke is given harshly and leaves a further welt.  Belle cannot believe just how painful this punishment is and has real tears in her eyes. Her bottom is left marked and bruised but will her behaviour improve?  Take a look at the free clip and see


Naughty School Girl Caned

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Schoolgirl CanedWhat a wonderful naughty school girl Imogen D’arcy makes.   This young lady just loves role play and could not wait to get behind an authentic school desk and relive a real life experience from her school years.  Now, by the time Imogen went to school they had stopped corporal punishment which was a real pity.  Imogen had been rather naughty and the fact that this deed went unpunished has played on her mind for years.

Imogen shared this with Sarah who agreed that they could re-enact her true life transgression but make sure that the proper punishment was given for it.  Imogen has already felt the sting of the hairbrush on her bare bottom and this week we see her face the ultimate deterrent.  Imogen is to be caned and caned hard on her bare bottom.   

Now, of course the cane used to be applied in schools over the clothing.  This is why so many young ladies and gentlemen ended up with some rather nasty welts on the tops of their legs and sometimes even their lower backs!  Teachers did not care how accurately they caned you, they just wanted you to feel the sting of the cane. 

Fortunately for Imogen Sarah does not share this view and will always cane guys and girls on the bare.  She does sometimes make sure that a few strokes land on the sit spot of very naughty boys and girls and she does so more than once in this instance.  Imogen knows she has been naughty and takes her caning rather stoically.

Numerous cane strokes are applied all of which sting and make this poor girl jump.  Her bottom is soon rather welted and you can see that the punishment has been effective.  A sore and sorry Imogen is grateful to atone after all those years.  Take a look at the free clip here


The return of Mr. Stern

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Bell Calder paddled by Mr. SternMr. Stern never really went away but he does not make many films these days. He says that now he is getting on in years he wants to spank only the prettiest and naughtiest girls. Well if that’s the way he wants it  means he won’t be spanking me because I am not naughty! Well I tell myself that but he does from time to time find a reason to put me over his desk in our office in Spain or he will wait till I have had a nice cooling swim after lunch and take his belt to my wet bottom. That’s what you can do if you’re the boss of a spanking film company, that’s what he tells me any way.

That brings me to this weeks film with young Bell. Now she ticks all his boxes. She is young, she is very pretty and she is very naughty. Now for those of you who remember years and years ago Mr. Stern used to go and visit naughty housewives and administer punishments, usually requested by the husbands but sometimes just asked for by the ladies themselves.  This was a popular series and we got to see loads of amateurs and ordinary housewives being well spanked paddled and caned. This film has just that feel to it. Young Bell is in need of punishment and that is what she will get. She goes over Sterns knee first to be spanked on her very tight shorts and then he paddles her over the shorts.

The shorts do of course come down and wow does Bell look great with her cute bottom pushed in the air. He does give her butt a real roasting with his hand and the paddle and I think she is almost in tears as he comes to the final strokes. A great film and so you must go and look at the free clip right here.


School Girl Imogen gets the Hairbrush

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Schoolgirl Imogen gets the hairbrushSpanking Sarah is rather a lucky girl.  She gets given lots of spanking implements, clothes, wine and gifts from lots of the lovely men that come along to see her.  Recently one of her Gentleman brought her along an authentic school desk.  She was rather keen to put this to use and who better to bend over it then her good friend Imogen D’arcy?

Imogen loves popped in and admired the new desk  recently told us all about a real life experience she had at school.  She was in detention supposedly doing lines and instead she drew pictures of a willy!  She was caught by the teacher but never spanked for it.  The teachers were not allowed!  She has always thought that she should have got a spanking so we decided that this might be a good time to give her it.  Better late then never.

A few days later Imogen  was back and she had brought her genuine old uniform with her.  She put it on and it fitted perfectly.  Sitting at that desk made her feel like she had been transported back in time to her school days and that detention.   She knew she should be writing lines but instead drew some rather naughty pictures.  Imogen has said that she felt quite excited and also rather nervous about the whole film.  She wanted the punishment but knew that it was going to hurt.  She also didn’t know exactly what she was going to be spanked with which added realism to the whole scenario.

Soon enough Sarah (The Teacher) caught her and was not very happy at all about this blatant disregard of school rules.  Imogen was asked to bend over the desk and was informed that she was going to be spanked with rather a wicked little hairbrush.  Now, if you have ever been smacked you will know that the hairbrush is one of the most feared implements of all time!

Sarah had decided that as this punishment was so long overdue that it should be quite  a harsh one.  Imogen had said that her bad behaviour and the fact that it had never been addressed had really played on her mind.   The hairbrush was applied over the skirt at first but this was soon lifted up and her school knickers pulled down so it could be applied on the bare. 

The spanking was prolonged and painful but well overdue so despite her obvious discomfort, it was welcomed by Imogen.  But will this be the end of this matter?  Take a look at the free clip here


Non Payment leads to Pain

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A painful paddlingYou would have thought that after the good hard bare bottom spanking Ashleigh was given the other week by the debt collector that she would have learnt her lesson.  I certainly would not have wanted a repeat performance!  She was left with two bright red and glowing bum cheeks and the threat of more to come if she did not mend her ways.

Alas, it seems that when it comes to money a fool and his are very soon parted.  Only a fool would mess with Sarah and this week we see Ashleigh try to wriggle out of some well deserved punishment.  Not only has she not saved the money she owes but she has tried to lie about why she does not have it.  Sensing that Sarah is an animal lover she claims that her cat has been ran over and that the money has had to go towards the treatment.

Sarah has heard it all before but lets Ashleigh dig herself a deep hole before she tells her that she is going to be punished again and that this time it will be far worse.  She knew that the silly girl may have spent the money so she had come prepared and had brought along a heavy leather paddle.  Ashleigh is distraught but knows that she has little choice but to take a hard thrashing.

Why do these girls never learn?  Ashleigh is forced to bend over the couch with her bottom high in the air.  She is instructed to stay still and take each and every hard stroke given to her.  The poor girl is soon in obvious discomfort and her plight is only to get worse when her flimsy knickers are removed.

The beating continues on her bare cheeks and she feels the full force of each and every slap.  She begs for forgiveness but her punishment is to be prolonged and painful.  It is not long before her bum is marked and sore.  Take a look at the free clip here


A nasty caning

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A very nasty caningThis film has all the quality of a real night spent in a top class hotel doing nothing except punishing two vey naughty ladies. And why not, because that is just what it was. One of the ladies Val had been brought along by her husband to be disciplined and it just so happened that at the same time another lady had requested that she receive some discipline and punishment as well Her name is Suzanne and she along with Val both new they were in for a whole night of pain and maybe some pleasure. This they had to find in each others arms.

The first lady to be punished is Suzanne, she goes over the caning bench and gets a dose of the riding crop on her ample bare bottom. Then it is the turn of Val, she gets the same treatment whilst Sue has to stand and look on. At some point a decision is made that Val must experience the most severe punishment. Her husband is there and so no doubt had an influence on this decision. Her caning to me seems to put her in a very lonely place. She is an attractive housewife with a nice big hairy bush and a small neat figure. She seems to welcome the punishment, bending over and keeping her bottom perfectly positioned despite the power of the caning. A couple of different canes are used through out  the punishment and they have a devastating effect. A really good punishment film, the lighting is moody but just ads to the overall effect and the girls take the allotted punishments very well. A pleasure to watch this film. Take a look at the free sample video which you will find here then if you want to join the site we do have over 250 full length videos and loads of stills for you.

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The Debt Collector Calls

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Spanked for being in debt I am sure you will join me in wishing Ashleigh a very warm welcome back to English Spankers.  This young lady made her debut with us a few months ago.  Before then she had never ever been spanked before.  Her reason to try?  Well, to be completely honest Ashleigh was attracted to the money!  This young lady is a full time model and times as we all know are hard.  We have all had to try different things to make a living and Ashleigh decided to give spanking a go.

Ashleigh found the shoot incredibly painful and by the time it was finished her bottom was not only bruised but swollen as well.  I thought it looked rather amazing.  We wasn’t sure whether Ashleigh would want to repeat the performance but she got back in touch a few weeks later to say that all her bruises were gone and that she would like to be spanked again!  Now, I don’t think I will go as far as say that she enjoyed it BUT she must like spanking at least a tiny bit because many other girls have never ever returned.

This week we see Ashleigh play the part of a hard up young lady who has taken out a few to many loans.  Instead of facing up to her financial responsibilities she has been avoiding the Debt Collectors when they call around.  Unbeknown to her, they are quite used to this type of behaviour and can be very patient.  Ms Bright catches up with Ashleigh this week and demands an explanation as to why her payments have not been being made. 

Ashleigh comes out with the usual sob stories and promises that she will not paying again next week but Ms Bright is not impressed.  She has heard it all before and explains that she is well within her rights to get a court order and have the bailiffs come and remove all the furniture.  Poor Ashleigh does not want this and begs to be given another chance.  Sarah is in a generous mood and decides to let her have one but explains that there will be serious consequences.

If you want to get all our films without a site membership, downloading just the ones you want then you can go to this site. These are all full length versions and you get to keep them in just the same way. I am frequently asked if I can recommend a great site where you can get authentic British porn, good girl next door films featuring a range of girls and ladies of all ages and sizes. Yes I can. Once again you can download the full length films, some up to 30 mins in length right here

Sarah will give Ashleigh one more week but in order for her to do so Ashleigh must accept a hard over the knee bare bottom spanking.  Ashleigh thinks it must be some kind of joke but soon realises that Sarah is serious and wants to teach her a lesson that she will not forget in a hurry.

Ashleigh is forced over the knee.  The spanking commences over her clothing but this is soon removed so that each and every painful spank hits her bare and tender skin.   Sarah slaps this young lady really hard and it is not long before her bum is bright red.  But will Ashleigh learn her lesson?  Take a look at the free clip here


Chloe and the bad school report

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Schoolgirl Chloe strappedYoung Chloe has had a very bad school report.  She does not want her Auntie to know because she is well aware that it will lead to trouble.   Auntie has spanked her bare bottom  before for bad behaviour  and she does not want to have a repeat performance. She decides to hide the report and claim that she has not been given it.  Unfortunately for Chloe the Head has already rang Auntie Sarah and told her that not only will Chloe have her school report, but that there is considerable cause for concern.

Chloe is questioned and the report taken from her.  It transpires that not only are her grades low but she has been truanting from school.  Auntie Sarah is horrified to find out that her young charge has been meeting with a much older man.  Auntie is rather cross with Sarah and decides to teach her a lesson that she will not forget in a hurry.  Chloe is going to get a real hard punishment spanking.

Auntie produces a size 10 mans slipper and proceeds to spank her niece harshly with it.  Chloe does not like this at all.  She is soon really sorry but knows that she is going to get severely punished.  Her knickers are pulled down and her bare bottom is soon rather red and sore.  Chloe is soon close to tears and her bottom bruised but her ordeal is far from over.

Not only is Chloe going to be beaten with the slipper but she is going to be paddled as well.   The paddle is rather a wicked one and Auntie uses it with full force.   The poor girl takes stroke after painful stroke all the while begging for her torment to be over.  Take a look at the free clip here