Ashleigh caned

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Ashleigh canedMost of the young ladies we feature on our site are into the spanking scene in some way. They either play with their boyfriends or husbands or have discovered that they like spanking and CP and indulge either in clubs or with partners they meet through sites such as Spanking Personals What may start as a bit of fun can and does develop into a full blown kink that they enjoy to the full. All this is great and for the most part the ladies we film come from those groups. We do however try to cast our net a little wider, inviting those who maybe have never tried or never even thought of trying the CP game to give it a go.

One such lady was the very lovely Ashleigh. We have featured her in a number of films and in all honesty we never thought that having made the first she would come back for more, but she did. In fact more than once and we were delighted to have her. The one thing she had always said she did not want to do was to take the cane. Now we do always respect what our models want, we never push them but in this case Ashleigh asked  us if she could try the cane. To say we were surprised was an understatement but we jumped at the chance.

The scene was set and the disciplinarian was to be Sarah Stern from Spanking Sarah Now she is renowned as a very hard lady to be bent over in front of and we did warn Ashleigh but she bravely went ahead and she took a real hard caning. Sarah told her that she would get just the same caning as she usually gives, Ashleigh agreed that was the right thing to do and we have it all on this great film that you can watch now at English Spankers. You can take a look at the free clip right here


Kami Robertson Spanked, Slippered and Caned

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Kami Robertson canedThere are many spanking models.  Some make just one or two movies, some make hundreds.  They all have one thing in common, the life of a spanking model is not a long one.  Now, I don’t mean that they die!  Heaven forbid but I expect they have to in the end.  What I mean is that very few young ladies continue to make spanking movies year after year.    Kami Robertson is one such lady.  She is still quite active in the spanking scene but now identifies solely (well in a professional capacity) as a Domme.  I do think personally think that this is a great pity but it is a path many young spankees end up taking.

We are very proud here at English Spankers to have been one of the very first Spank houses to film with this delightful young lady and over the years we did shoot some of what I feel is the very best material featuring Kami Robertson.   Kami was always very popular with our members and after watching this film you will see why.  She may only be petite but she can take one heck of a punishment.  She really does look the part of a naughty school girl as well. 

In this remastered classic film you will see this beautiful young lady not only spanked but slippered and caned as well.  This was originally two films but it has been reedited to bring you all the action in full.  Kami looks absolutely amazing spread over the desk with her Japanese school uniform complete with white regulation knickers.  As the punishment progresses the knickers are removed and kami is placed in the diaper position which is not only painful but humiliating as well. 

Fans of Kami or indeed just those who love authentic school girl punishments are going to be so thrilled to be able to see this film in its full glory.  Kami is left with  some visible cane welts on her pert behind.  Take a look at the free film here.

Remember if you do not wish to buy a monthly membership to a spank site you can buy individual films at our clips4sale siteWe never split the films and always make sure we place them at the lowest price allowable by the store. 


Au Pairs Paddled and the Razor Strop for Ella Hughes

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Two girls paddledI guess I should have a spanking.  I did not update the blog last week.   I could make all sorts of excuses but none of them will wash really.  I was just remiss so will instead give you a double update of the great new films at English Spankers this week. 

Amelia Jane Rutherford and Jess played wonderfully realistic Au Pairs.  These very naughty girls were caught drinking when they should have been looking after their young charges.  Ms Bright was far from impressed to be called out of work to collect her children from school.  She had assumed the worst and thought that an accident had befallen her employee.  She was absolutely furious to find her at home entertaining.  Both girls were given a good hard bare bottom spanking but worse is in store for Jess.  She is given a harsh choice.  Accept a thrashing with the strap or leave her job.  Jess is reluctant to accept another beating but knows deep down that she does deserve it.  She bends over in front of her horrified friend and takes a ferocious strapping which leaves her bright red and very marked.  I doubt that either of these girls will even think about misbehaving again!Razor strop for Ella Hughes

This week our new wonder girl Ella Hughes bounces back onto our screens.  This young lady has proven very popular and it is no secret as to why.   Ella is caught scrumping by the gardener and brought before the lady of the house.  Ms Stern is not content with humiliating this young lady and threatening her but decides to cruelly beat her as well.  The poor girl is put though all sorts of torment whilst the gardener watches.   This film really is not for the faint hearted as I think this is the hardest strapping film for Ella so far.

She is stripped naked and verbally abused as well as beaten.  Sarah Stern is quite perverse and touches the poor girls breasts and straps her pussy as well as her bottom.   It is doubtful that this girl will ever steal again.  She is left bruised and broken.  Take a look at the free clip here


Amateur Spankings At English Spankers

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Spanking Hotel Suzane 099.npp380We do love Spankings which is probably rather lucky, especially since we run one of the oldest and best UK Spanking Websites.  Over the years our Mr Stern has spanked, paddled and caned countless bottoms and I expect he will smack countless more.   It is a tough job but somebody has to do it. Every now and then even  this hard working disciplinarian needs a break.  Mr Stern was therefore  pretty pleased when a photographer friend gave him this film.

This is an amateur film but I do think it has been filmed rather well and I must say, it is rather long!  It runs for a full 28 minutes and is absolutely packed full of spanking action.   It was filmed in a hotel room and I shudder to think what other guests must have thought!  This lady does get such a beating not only is she spanked, but she is given the wooden paddle, the slipper, a paddle and then the cane!

It seems that Suzanne has been sent to see a Disciplinarian by her Husband to be taught a lesson.  Well, I am pretty sure that this was learnt!  The poor woman gets a real hard thrashing which leaves her bottom badly marked and bruised.  Take a look at the free clip here


Two Au Pairs Punished

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Two Au Pairs spankedAnother week, another fantastic spanking update for you at English Spankers.  Most of you will know the wonderful Amelia Jane Rutherford but a lot of you will not be aware of the equally fantastic Jess.  Jess has only ever made a few spanking films and we are lucky enough to be the only company she has shot for.   Like Amelia she  takes a real good whacking and our double shoot with these two girls produced some absolutely amazing material. Amelia and Jess play the part of a couple of Au Pairs rather well.  They should be looking after their young charges but instead they are helping themselves to the booze and berating the way their employees treat them!   Jess should be at the school picking up the kids but is having so much fun that she forgets!  Ms Stern is far from impressed when she walks in on the pair of them boozing. Amelia Jane pleads innocence and tries to beat a hasty retreat but Ms Stern soon puts a stop to this.  She informs this naughty Au Pair that she is as guilty as Jess and that if she does not stay and take her punishment then she will make a phone call to her employers and will ensure that she will not have a job nor a home to return to.   Both girls are informed that they will be going over the knee for a hard hand spanking. Jess is not surprised, she admits to Amelia that her Boss has spanked her before and explains that it is probably easier to accept the punishment than to try and protest.  Ms Stern is a very strict lady and will not be swayed.  Both girls have done the wrong thing so both will face her wrath.  Amelia is first over the knee for a harsh hand spanking and she is not impressed when her leggings and her panties are removed. Amelia and Jess both find themselves rather humiliated when their knickers are taken down and their bare bums spanked soundly,  They are both rather red and sore as they are given a smacking that they will not forget in a hurry.  At one stage both girls are over the knee at the same time and Ms Stern has not only a hard hand but a fast one as well! A blistering bare bottom spanking for two naughty girls which leaves them marked and in considerable pain.  but will this be the end of their torment?  Take a look at the free clip here


A Hard Dose of the Slipper for Ashleigh

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A hard slippering for AshleighIt takes some girls a long time to learn how to behave.  In fact,  their naughty ways could almost lead you to despair!  Auntie Sarah is constantly trying to improve Ashleigh and Ashleigh is constantly pushing her Aunt to the very limit of her tolerance.  She recently arranged a Topless shoot with a photographer and was somewhat surprised when this resulted in her being hauled over the knee to get her bare bottom well and truly spanked. 

You would have thought that Ashleigh would have learnt her lesson wouldn’t you?  But the lure of easy money is just to tempting.  The photographer left some of his equipment behind when Sarah threw him out and this week he comes back to collect.  Ashleigh convinces him that Auntie has now come around to the idea that it is OK to have topless photos taken and because she is such a stunning model the photographer really does not need much persuasion.

You can guess what happens next can’t you?  In walks Auntie to see her niece in rather a provocative pose!  Sarah really cannot believe her eyes, it is like groundhog day.   The difference being that Auntie means to put a stop to this lewd behaviour sooner rather than later.  A hard bare bottom hand spanking did not work so it is time to adopt stronger measures.

Ashleigh is told in no uncertain terms that she is to be punished.  Auntie fetches her slipper and puts it to good use over her very naughty nieces bottom.  Ashleigh really should have known better.  She is soon squirming in pain but her complaints fall on deaf ears.  Auntie is going to make sure that this punishment is painful and that it will be felt for a long time after.

Spank after painful spank are administered to this pert young butt which is soon red marked and really sore.  Ashleigh no longer feels that taking her clothes off is a good idea and Auntie is really going to drive this measure home.  A painful but necessary chastisement for a very naughty and dirty girl.  Take a look at the free clip here


Some Self Spanking for Honesty

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Honesty has just started working for her new Boss.  He works from home and has left her there whilst he pops up on some errands.  Instead of doing her work like a good girl, she decides to have a little nose around the house.  She takes a look in the drawers and is surprised to find a spanking paddle. Now, Honesty could have just put it back and forgotten about her find.  Her Boss would have been no wiser and she could have just got on with her work.  Instead this silly girl lets her curiosity get the better of her.  She examines the paddle and smacks her own hand with it before hoisting up her skirt and trying the paddle out on her bottom.   

Honesty finds the self spanking quite exciting and gives herself quite a few slaps with it.  In fact she is concentrating on what she is doing so much that she does not hear her Boss return.  Before she notices he has been watching her self spank for some time. She is rather shocked when he eventually makes his presence known.  Her Boss has found the whole thing rather horny but pretends to be cross in order to give her a dose of the paddle himself!

Honesty is informed that seeing as she likes it so much he will make sure she gets it long and hard and on her bare bottom. Honesty soon goes from a nice sensual paddling to a hard thrashing on her tender young cheeks.  She is soon rather red and marked and begs her Boss to stop.  He has other ideas and carries on with the punishment of his naughty employee.  Curiosity leads this young lady to get a blistering bare butted beating.  Take a look at the free clip here.


How Could You?

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Porn model spankedThe World is full of naughty girls whose behaviour deserves a good hard spanking.  Unfortunately, the laws of our land often prohibit us from able to administer these badly behaved ladies with the beatings they need.  Fortunately we can all escape into Spanking Land where naughty girls get their just deserts.  In fact, in spanking land, sometimes really good girls get spanked as well.

Ashleigh falls into the first category.    Ashleigh is a very naughty girl.  She has invited a photographer around to her house and agreed to have some rather dirty photographs taken.   She is happy to pose topless for payment and of course, the photographer is soon busy snapping away.  Unfortunately she has forgotten to mention that she lives with her Aunt and that her Auntie will not be impressed to discover that her home is being used in this way.

Obviously Auntie walks in and she is furious!  She gives the photographer a flea in his ear before throwing him out.  Her niece seems to think that the situation is really funny but she soon realises that Auntie means business when she gets hauled over the knee.  Her short denim shorts offer her little protection from her Aunties hard and heavy hand.  She is spanked like a naughty little girl over the knee.

Ashleigh is soon close to tears.  Not only is her punishment painful, but it is humiliating for her to be treated this way.  The spanking is prolonged and it does not take ling for her poor bum to be bright red and feel very very sore.   But will she learn her lesson?  Take a look at the free clip here


A Nasty Seduction

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Ella Hughes punished at English Spankers npp70688926I love this new film at English Spankers and I am pretty sure that you will too.  Ella Hughes is a brand new model but she is not now to spanking.  This lovely nineteen year old has wanted to be spanked all her life and as soon as she came of age, she made sure that she was!   Ella and Sarah seem to have a great on screen chemistry and judging by their tweets, they seem to get on just as well in real life.  Ella just loves being dominated by an older lady and Sarah just loves to beat her so it is a fantastic arrangement.   This film is a hard hitting one.  Ella wants to be beaten hard and so Sarah always makes sure she gets exactly what she wants.   Not only can Ella take a good whacking but she can act as well and really gets into any role she is given. Ella plays the part of a naïve college student who has been failing her grades.  Her Tutor realises that this is the type of girl who she can take advantage of and does so quite wickedly.  She forces  Ella to strip naked and endure rather a hard beating which includes some overtly sexual touching as well.  This film can be viewed on our English Spankers site or if you prefer to buy individual films, you can do so by visiting our Clips4sale site where this film along with hundreds of others can be purchased without taking out a membership.   In fact, at the moment this film is the best selling spanking clip on the entire clips4sale site!  It is rather hard hitting and hot so I can see why. Poor Ella is used and abused by her Tutor who has blackmailed her into being involved in a sadistic relationship.  The girl has been told that if she does not accept her teachers advances then she will be forced to leave her course.  What can she do apart from endure the rather lecherous and incredibly painful treatment she is given? She is beaten with a variety of implements including a tawse, strap and paddle and beaten relentlessly.  She is left well marked and sore and feeling rather sorry for herself.  Take a look at the free clip from this film here


A Hard Hand Spanking for Honesty

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Hard spanking for HonestyWe love introducing new Spanking Models to you and have the great pleasure this week of showcasing the lovely Honesty a young lady who has been involved in the spanking scene for some time but had not made any spanking movies.   Not only have we brought you a new spankee but also a new spanker and I am sure you will agree that his rather heavy hands will be feared by many.

Honesty certainly gulped when she saw just how big his hands were!  Our new Spanker is as happy giving as receiving so knows exactly how to get a young lady to behave herself.   Honesty plays the part of his young wife who has overspent on the credit cards.  In the past she has managed to get away with this by dressing up in sexy clothes and taking her Husbands mind off of the bill.  She has however overspent by far to much this time and he is determined to teach her a lesson.

He drags his protesting Wife over the knee to administer her first dose of domestic discipline.  Sometimes a Husband has to be cruel to be kind and so he shows her no mercy.  Honesty is given a good hard hand spanking and to say she is shocked is an understatement.

This spanking is hard from the very first spank.  No warm up for this naughty Wife.  Each and every slap leaves its mark on her  tender bottom and it is not long before her skirt is pulled up and her knickers yanked down.  Poor Honesty feels like her bum is on fire but the spanks continue to be administered.

Honesty begs for the spanking to stop but her Husband wants to make sure that she really has learnt her lesson.  She kicks her legs and cries real tears but it is to no avail.  The spanking is prolonged and very painful and leaves her well marked and sore.  Take a look at the free clip here