Shoplifters Rosie and Nimue get the cane.

The Store Manager is absolutely sick to death of calling the police on young shoplifters Rosie and Nimue.  It seems that no sooner are they cautioned that they are back in his shop causing more mayhem and stealing anything they can get their hands on.  He decides enough is enough and when he once more catches them thieving he decides to deal with matters himself.  He manhandles the girl into his office and decides to check to make sure they do not have any more stolen items hidden amongst their person.  He does this by roughly putting his hands inside their bras and their knickers.  The girls protest but they know deep down that they are not really in a position to argue.

Once this search has been completed he produces a thick heavy cane.  Nimue and Rosie are forced to bend over and their clothing is pulled down to reveal their bare bottoms.  This Store Manager wants to try and make sure that these chavs learn a lesson that they will not forget in a hurry.

It is surprising just how quickly these foul mouthed Madams turn into sorry young ladies especially when a big cane is being used to beat their ample bottoms.  Rosie is the first to admit defeat and Nimue is not far behind her.  Both girls are given the hardest caning