Upper Class Housewife spanked and paddled

At English Spankers we know that times are hard for everybody.  That is why we have made sure that our spanking website is affordable for everybody.  Even posh people are feeling the bite of the credit crunch.  Meet Suzy an upper class housewife who is used to spending money.  In the past her husband has always been able to cover her bills but he has recently told her to slow down.  Instead of heeding his words,  silly Suzy has managed to get herself into quite a lot of debt and she is frightened that if he finds out that it will end in divorce.

What is she to do?  Suzy sees an advert for strapped for cash and decides that this will be the solution.  She is not sure how the loan company works so is quite taken aback when Katie expains just what the interest will be!  However, faced with the choice between coming clean to her husband or taking down her knickers for the hand and paddle Suzy chooses the latter.

Agent Katie is well known for being heavy handed and has spanked many ladies before.  She soon has Suzy bent over the table with her skirt raised and her pert bottom on display.  Suzy is quite shocked at just how hard the spanking is and soon has a very red backside.

After a prolonged hand spanking Katie decides that a dose of the wicked leather spanking paddle is in order.  Poor Suzy does not like this at all but has little option other than to accept this hard punishment.  Her bum is left glowing well marked and sore.  I wonder if she will get herself into debt again?  Take a look at the free clip here.