Teenaged Sally Strapped for Cash

Teenage Sally strapped for cashIt is not just young ladies who have lessons to learn.  Parents really should realise that leaving their teenaged daughters home alone when  are on holiday is just a recipe for disaster!  Who knows what these silly girls will get up to when their parents are away.   Sally decided that she would have a party.  She trusted that her friends would respect her parents house and all their belongings.  How wrong can you be?  Not only did she have a huge mess to clear up the next day but she also found that the antique table had been scratched.  She got a quote from a french polisher and he is willing to do the work but she needs to find £200.00 and she needs to find it fast.

Sally like most youngsters does not have access to this kind of money in a hurry.  Especially as she cannot ask Bank of Mum and Dad without them realising what she has done.  Her so called friends cannot help so she is left to find the money by alternative means.  She sees the advert for Strapped for Cash and decides to give them a ring.

Strapped for Cash love to loan money to ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes and they are much more lenient about credit checking them then the Banks would be.  Why is that ? Well, it is really rather simple.  Strapped for Cash is literally what will happen if you take out a loan.   The money does have to be paid back but usually there is no interest..  The Strapped for cash people rarely have anyone try to default as they are made aware of just how very painful that can be.

Sally does not want to be strapped, but then again she does not want her parents to find out what she has done either so she reluctantly agrees to the Strapped for Cash terms in order to get the table repaired.  One of the agents comes over to her house and makes sure that this young lady is left in no doubt what will happen to her.

Poor Sally cannot believe just how painful a spanking can be.  Especially when it is applied full force.  Her bum is bright red in no time at all but Ms Bright continues to smack her hard.   To add to her humiliation poor Sally has to take down her knickers in order for the punishment to conitue on her bare bottom.

After a good hard prolonged hand spanking Ms Bright produces a nasty strap and proceeds to beat Sally with this as well.  It leaves this young lady very bruised and sore.  Take a look at the free clip here