Darcy Grey Makes her Spanking Debut at English Spankers

Another brand spanking new model for you from English Spankers.  We pride ourselves on finding new talent to show case at our great Spanking Site.  Some of the ladies we film with have never ever been spanked before.  Now, some of them after a days shoot with us will never do so again but a great many find that they actually like being spanked and go onto work with some of the other UK Spanking producers.   I am sure Darcy Grey will join the long list of lovely ladies we have encouraged into the world of spanking.  She has already filmed with us again so you will be seeing a lot of this wonderful girl over the next few months.

Schoolgirl Darcy Grey spanked at English SpankersDarcy Grey has been spanked before a few times by her boyfriend but really wasn’t sure quite what to expect.  We are very honest with these ladies and tell them that spankings hurt, a lot! and that they will finish the day with a rather red and often bruised bottom.   Darcy was willing to give it a try and I am sure when you see this debut film, you will be really pleased that she did.

In her debut film Darcy plays the part of a rather naughty school girl perfectly.  She has been sent home from school early as she has been caught doing some rather dirty things with a boy.  Her Uncle is not impressed by her behaviour and decides that a trip over his knee is in order.

Darcy does not want to comply but knows that if she doesn’t do as she is told, that the punishment might be far worse.  She is told to lift up her school skirt and bend over her Uncles knee for a prolonged and painful hand spanking.  Uncle has a rather hard hand and knows exactly how to use it.

The Spanking begins over her white school knickers.  Darcy does not like this one bit and complains and wriggles on his lap.  He holds her in place with one hand whilst spanking her hard with the other.

Darcy cannot believe just how hard the spanking is, especially when he inists that her white school panties are removed so that the punishment can continue on the bare.  Her bum is already bright red and sore and worst is to come.

A sore and sorry school girl is soon begging her Uncle to stop as her bare bottom is on fire!  He pays no heeds and continues to give her a blistering spanking.  Take a look at the free clip here