The Paddle for Darcy Grey

Darcy Grey has been a very naughty girl.  She had been caught doing dirty things with the boys at school.  Uncle was disgusted and took her over his knee for a bare bottom spanking.   He left her with a red and sore bum and the promise that there would be worse to come at bedtime.   Darcy is told to get ready for bed and to wait for him in the living room

Poor Darcy does as she is told and puts on her pyjamas.   She knows that she is going to get at least another spanking and is not looking forward to it at all.  Her bum cheeks are already really tender and marked from his heavy hand.  Darcy is dismayed when Auntie Sarah announces that she will be giving her the next instalment of pain.  Darcy knows that Sarah can be really mean.

Autie Sarah produces a rather nasty looking spanking paddle and informs young Darcy that she is going to get a really hard thrashing for her bad behaviour.   Darcy explains that she has already been punished but this is to no avail.  Auntie Sarah is intent on teaching this young lady a lesson that she will not forget in a hurry.

Auntie Sarah smacks Darcy so hard with the paddle that it snaps in two!  Darcy hopes that will be the end of her beating but unfortuantely for her, Auntie Sarah carries on hitting her with the broken paddle.  This is the worst thrashing of young Darcys life and she begs for it to be over.

Darcy is forced to strip naked and is placed and faces the humiliation of being placed in the diaper position with all on display for this hard punishment.  The poor girl is left with a bruised and marked bottom.  Take a look at the free clip here