The cane for Kami Robertson

Our Christmas update features young Kami Robertson, the girl we all want over our knees, well we tried that with her both for a good spanking and a dose of the plimsoll but that did not seem to bring about any marked change in her behaviour. Now it is time for her strict headmaster to deliver a much needed lesson with the senior girls can. Bent over the staff room table, bottom bare and thrust out ready the head lines up the target before commencing this long and painful caning to this young ladies bottom.

Her legs are spread to present a full target as the caning continues but still the head is not satisfied so she is hauled onto the staffroom table where, spread-eagled she has to endure the most severe caning of her young life. Will this teach her and help her mend her ways? We doubt it and, well we secretly hanker after having this young lady in for another session of discipline very soon.
Once again another great film from English Spankers where the action is just getting better and better and the quality second to none. Keep watching the great films as we are making changes and improving our storie lines and introducing new spankees all the time.
2009 will be a spanking good year for you if you stick with English Spankers, we all need a little pleasure in our lives and surely this is one of the best ways to get yours!