Allison gets her due

At last we at English Spankers managed to get our latest shoot in with old favourite Allison.
We hired a great location out in Cumbria, a nice old farm house with extensive grounds and rooms just made for spanking fun, yes they were the old ‘thick brick’ type of construction and pretty much sound proof. Sound proof they needed to be. Once we got down to some serious spanking with Allison she became very vocal. She was not to bad when we spanked her in the bath, she did not complain when we spanked her bent over the car she had just bent, she did shout a bit when the thin whippy cane was used on her firm mature bottom but was quite happy when it snapped, Hmm must look out a new supplier of canes, if anyone can provide us with some more reliable ones please get in touch. English SpankersAnyway back to Allison, after a nice lunch she changed into some very sexy undies for a story we wanted to do with her and this is when she really complained, not that we took a bit of notice as we happen to know that she does love to be given a red bottom, we put everything into it and with the help of the rubber paddle she ended up with a very red bottom.

We will be building a web site for Allison later in the week, at the moment you will find her featured on the Spanking Models web sitekeep your eyes on this Blog for a direct link to her sight as soon as we have completed the work. If anyone does want a web site please get in touch with Mr. Stern