School Girl Sally spanked in her pyjamas

Sally bend over my knee for a spanking

We have an absolutely delightful new spanking model on our site today and I know you are going to absolutely love her. Sally has just turned Eighteen and this is her first ever spanking film. After you have seen her in action, I am sure you will agree with me when I say that it should not be her last. At English Spankers, we do try to bring you a wide array of lovely debuts and pride ourselves on the fact that many of these ladies choose to make their first films with us because they know we are the Number One Uk Spanking website, true leaders in our field.

So onto this fantastic update.  Sally plays the part of a naughty schoolgirl who is far more interested in chatting to her friends on the internet then getting the required amount of sleep needed to ensure she is up for school the next morning.   Sally feels that as she is eighteen, she should be able to do exactly what she likes and it seems that when she is at her Mothers house, that is the case.  What a pity for Sally that her Strict Aunt does not share her Mothers lax views.

Auntie Katie believes in strict discipline and makes no secret of the fact that if Sally is under her roof, then she complies with her rules.  Teenaged Sally is given ample opportunity to shut down the laptop and go to bed but continues to argue and whine about how unfair it is. Aunt Katie gives her a stark choice, turn it off or be spanked on her pert young bottom. Well, I don’t think Sally believes that her Aunt will follow this though – how wrong this young lady is soon proven to be!

Sally is pushed over on the bed and the spanking begins, firstly over her tiny pyjama shorts.  I must confess, it does not look like they offer this naughty Miss much protection and she is soon complaining about the treatment she is being given. Her Aunt then takes the bottoms off of her and continues to punish her on her bare bottom. This lady knows how to spank and she spanks this bottom very hard indeed.

It is not long before Sally is very red and sore.  Auntie Katie gives her slap after very hard slap on her bare bottom cheeks to make sure she drives the message home. After a prolonged and heavy spanking, Sally is left feeling very sorry for herself and given a warning.  She better get herself up for school in the morning!   Have a look at the free clip here.